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Astrology Report

Order and Payment

This is where you order and pay for your Astrology Report.

My Astrology Reports are 20+ page booklets which give insight into the unique astrological influences in different areas of your life. No two are the same, each is calculated individually for your date, time and place of birth. You can explore your own chart with the Personal Astrology Report, your love and relationships with the Relationship and Love Nature Reports, your money luck with the Money Report, or learn more about the special child in your life with the Starchild Report. Emailed to your inbox within 24 hours.

How to Order

  • Fill in your name and email address in the boxes provided.

  • Select which Report you would like from the drop-down menu

  • Then write your date, time and place of birth in the boxes provided. If you don’t know your time of birth, leave blank.

  • For Relationship Reports, a second set of birth detail boxes will appear. Fill these with the name, date, time and place of birth for the second person in the relationship.

  • Click Order Now which will take you through to PayPal where you can pay securely with your credit card or PayPal account.

Your Astrology Report will be sent within 24 hours to the email address provided. 

If you have not received your reading, please check your email junk folder in case it has automatically filtered your inbox

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