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Astrology Readings
Details Form

Hobart Astrology Readings Details Form

Thank you for booking an astrology reading with me. Before you come for your reading it is very important that you fill in this form and submit it at least two days prior to your appointment as I need to calculate and study your chart and your areas of interest well before the reading. As astrology covers your whole life and many areas within it, it is important to know what you want me to focus on as it would take about 100 hours to get through everything in a chart!

Birth Details (essential)
I use your date, place, and time of birth to calculate your chart and forecasts, and also the Astrology Report. These details are what your entire reading and chart will be based on. If you don’t know your birth time that is OK, but it is a better reading if you can find out when you were born.

Background Information (essential)
Let me know a bit about yourself and your life and what you are hoping to get from the reading – what areas you would like me to focus on.

Relationships (optional)
If you would like me to focus on significant relationships in your life or past, please write their name, date, place (and time if known) of birth and your relationship to them. All relationships including romantic, family or business etc can be examined.

Major Life Events (optional)
If there has been a period in your life which was a turning point or an event which changed everything and you would like to look at it to gain understanding and mastery over it, then include what the event was and the date(s). Sometimes recurring issues or themes can come up in people’s lives which are related to astrological cycles, understanding these and how to gain positive outcomes can be very helpful.

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