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Online Psychic & Astrology Readings

"Today we had our second excellent reading with Sara. She is very knowledgeable, extremely intuitive and wonderfully clear with her readings. We can highly recommend Sara and will be returning again. Thank you Sara." 


Hi! I'm Sara and  I have over 30 years’ experience giving accurate and informative readings combining practical advice with spiritual guidance and insight. Through my psychic and astrology readings I have helped thousands of people find peace and clarity and a positive way forward through the ups and downs of love, money, family and career – anything that life can send you.

While I have specialised in email psychic and astrology readings in recent years I began my face to face reading career at Salamanca Market in 1990. Now my readings are available online for everyone regardless of where they live via zoom. 

If you would like to have a reading with me 'in person' online, please book online through the links below. 

I look forward to meeting you,

Love Sara xx

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How to Book


  1. First choose which reading suits your needs and then click on the button to book.

  2.  Then select the time you would like on the calendar and click to book an appointment. 
    (please note my availability is limited and spaces fill quickly!) 


  3. Fill in the form and pay securely through PayPal

I will send a confirmation email with my zoom link and details on booking and then a reminder text the day before your reading.


If you have booked an Astrology Reading, please fill in the form with your details at least two days before your appointment

At the appointment time be ready on zoom 

Online Psychic Readings


Are you worried, confused, don’t know what to do next? Or are you faced with a choice between two directions, decisions or paths? Is a relationship or loved one causing you anxiety and confusion, are you waiting for the right person or wondering if you should leave? Are you having issues with career or health or do you just want some spiritual insight and guidance along your life path?

I have helped thousands of people with problems like these since 1990, using my psychic and astrology gifts to give insight and guidance in times of trouble or confusion. A reading brings peace of mind, clear focus and a positive way forward – and often a sense of relief. I offer readings about love, life, family, career and spirituality, but I am happy to answer questions about any issue which is concerning you.

I wrote horoscopes and psychic advice columns for magazines such as Grazia and Take 5 and various newspapers and other media. ​I am fortunate to have been blessed with abilities and insight which I have developed and refined over many years. I’m happiest using these gifts to help guide people through difficult times and find the best way forward on their unique spiritual and life path. I have a deep, long standing passion for helping women become empowered – free to live abundant lives filled with health, love and happiness – as we all deserve! 

My Psychic Face to Face Readings are available online via Zoom only


Please note I am not a Medium and do not contact passed loved ones etc.

Psychic Reading 1 Hour $150

Premium Online Reading: "The Works"


This is the perfect reading for when you want to really dig down into your life, past,  and future.


I can focus on your relationships, career, life path or really anything that you want some insight and guidance about. This big reading is where I really give 'The Works' to you and use all my skills and knowledge in astrology, tarot and spiritual guidance in the one reading.

An astrology reading is perfect for when you want to get to the bottom of major life themes and issues, what path you are best suited for, behaviour patterns and your overall spiritual and life journey. While the tarot reading component is very useful for giving immediate solutions and insight for what is around you now and in the months ahead. These, combined with my over 30 years of helping and guiding people through difficult or confusing times, allow the client and I to make real progress through their issues and create understanding and empowerment to move forwards to the life they really desire, need and deserve.

I am a very experienced astrologer and psychic with over 30 years’ experience in helping 1000's of clients throughout the world. I am well known for my accuracy and psychic ability and have had a long career writing horoscopes and psychic advice columns for many newspapers and magazines including Good Medicine, Elle, Take 5 and Grazia, and making radio and television appearances since 1993. 

My Premium Reading is available via zoom only

Premium Reading 2 hours $400