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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 11 May 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries A great week for you trying out new ways of communicating as your stars for reaching out to people and talking with them are really positive – even if it is just to catch up with family or friends. Again, you have great stars for career and finance so apply for that job or pay rise!

Taurus Money matters may take a step backwards this week, perhaps you need to redo some paperwork, or a payment may be late. This will soon clear up and be resolved. There may be a postponement or delay in your work, but this will give you more time to do things properly,

Gemini Your ruling planet, chatty communicator Mercury moves into your sign this week, giving you the opportunity to really get your ideas and thoughts straight in your mind and to be able to let others know what you want and need. Retrograde Venus could re-ignite a past romance.

Cancer Your subconscious zone has a lot going on in it at the moment, which can lead to insomnia, vivid dreams and also some psychic or spiritual insights. You may need to go over some old ground with your loved one – especially if they are being a bit self-indulgent or lazy.

Leo Now is not a time to slide back into old habits, either in your relationships or with your health and lifestyle. You may feel a bit lazy and unmotivated to stick with exercise or eating well, but it is worth it. Think twice before bringing up old problems or sticking points with your partner.

Virgo You may have been content to float along and go with the flow with your loved ones lately, but this week Mars charges into your relationship zone bringing action, passion and possibly some bad temper. Doing projects or exercising together will help you to use the energy constructively.

Libra You may feel like having some quiet down time this week – especially over the weekend. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you. Meditation is likely to have good results, especially if you are looking for a clear direction or solution to a problem.

Scorpio There is a lot to be said for staying quiet and listening to others rather than giving your opinion just yet. It seems that there is more information to come out and it will be better if you just wait for a while. Long term relationships get a new lease on life if you change around your routine.

Sagittarius An old love or past crush may re-enter your life this week, bringing with them a hit of nostalgia and possibly some romantic daydreams. You may also just be really relieved your taste has improved too! A great time for picking up an old hobby or creative interest again.

Capricorn This is a time of consolidation and finishing off what you have started rather than trying to push ahead. Three planets are going retrograde (backwards) this week and Capricorns will be strongly affected. Plan and research, complete things and get ready for the next stage,

Aquarius It is time to go back and finish off dealing with an issue or problem that you put to one side for a while. This is the last time you will have to deal with it, so make sure you do a good job. Some exciting financial news or unexpected money will bring some needed peace of mind.

Pisces Action-packed Mars is entering your sign on Wednesday bringing with him the energy to really get things done. Excellent for taking on jobs around the house or garden, or for really powering ahead at work. Just try not to be impatient or short tempered with slower people.


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