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The Astrology of Health

The use of astrology in healing is centuries old. Until the late 17th Century it was impossible to become qualified as a doctor unless you were also thoroughly trained in astrological theory. Many of the herbs and treatments that were used were prescribed after consulting the astrology chart of the patient and their illness.

Today we use medical science and life expectancy has certainly got longer because of it! However, health astrology still has some relevance to today’s life. Here are some of the basic principles and rulerships of your sign and their relationship to health.

Aries Aries rules the head and also the adrenal glands. Headaches and high blood pressure can go with this sign, making relaxation and meditation a great way to calm down. Also responsible for stings and bites from animals and accidents caused by rushing around.

Taurus Taurus rules the throat, neck, thyroid gland and cervical vertebrae in the spine. While many Taurus people can have beautiful voices, stress may create sore throats. Ruling planet Venus is traditionally responsible for all illnesses caused by sex!

Gemini Gemini rules the lungs, nerves, memory, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. One of the main problems Geminis have is their nerves can make them very highly strung and anxious. They also should never, ever, ever smoke.

Cancer Cancer rules the breasts, chest area and stomach. Worrying about the future can give Cancer people upset tummies and digestion issues. Ruled by the Moon which is in charge of emotions and things going through phases and ups and downs .

Leo Leo rules the heart, spine, cardiac system and gall bladder. This sign is all about your constitution and how strong it is. Ruled by the Sun which is all about the vital life force and growth and well-being, your heart should be a priority.

Virgo Virgo rules the abdomen, intestines and visceral system. Worrying can really upset these people’s stomachs and their nerves and worrying about details can make them stressed and run down. Eating properly to take care of your digestion is vital.

Libra Libra rules the lower back, the kidneys and renal system. This is all about cleansing and purifying the body and making things beautiful. Can rule cosmetic procedures and things done for beauty, but can have a tendency to urinary infection.

Scorpio Scorpio rules the sexual organs, pelvis, reproductive system, prostate gland and the rectum. It also rules deep and lasting changes and the process of going through therapy or rehabilitation either physically or psychologically.

Sagittarius Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs, liver and hepatic system. Unfortunately your ruling planet Jupiter also rules over excessive eating and drinking and having a good time. This can be very bad for your liver and the size of your thighs.

Capricorn Capricorn rules the structure of your body – the skeleton that holds you up and the skin that holds you in. It also rules teeth and knees in particular. Ruling planet Saturn tells us that we will bear the consequences of our lifestyle choices for better or worse.

Aquarius Aquarius rules the ankles, shins and circulatory system. Be careful about twisted ankles from high heels and accidents to your lower legs. Ruling planet Uranus is in charge of all things that happen suddenly – either the illness or cure.

Pisces Pisces rules the feet, duodenum and pituitary gland. Some folks store tension in their feet making reflexology or just a good foot rub a very healing thing. Ruling planet Neptune is in charge of all drugs and alcohol issues.


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