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How to Tell your Own Fortune with a Pendulum

There are many ways for unlocking your psychic side and answering simple questions using your intuition. Some of these involve tools, ranging from crystal balls and tarot cards which are quite complicated and require years of training; to others, like pendulums, which can be used by anyone and are very simple to use.

Many people become familiar with the use of pendulums through the traditional test for the gender of an unborn baby. In this practice a ring (often a wedding ring) is hung from a thread above the expectant mum’s tummy and the way the ring moves shows whether it is a boy or a girl. In recent decades they have become more widely used for all sorts of spiritual and psychic practices as well as helping people to make tricky decisions.

Pendulums, as with all psychic tools, work best when you are balanced and calm. Meditating, or just taking several deep, slow breathes while consciously relaxing your body is excellent for putting you in the right frame of mind before you begin with using the pendulum. Also, only ask a question once and then leave it. Asking the same question over and over will just confuse the issue and make you stressed and any useful insight you may have gained will be lost. If the answer isn’t clear it is likely that you aren’t meant to know at this stage or perhaps the question isn’t the right one to be asking.

You can use a pendulum to answer yes/no questions or to get guidance when choosing between two options. This can be done in one of two ways:

In the first way the first question you should ask is “show me a ‘yes’” The pendulum will start moving, either from side to side or in circles. So if it starts moving in circles – that is your ‘yes’ answer, and the ‘no’ is from side to side, and vice versa. Next ask your question, for example “will I get the new job I have applied for”. Whichever way the pendulum moves will tell you yes or no.

If you have to choose between two things or people and want to use this method, you should ask the question in a way that it can be answered yes or no. An example would be if there is a choice between two romantic admirers, you should ask “is John the right person for me?” followed by “is Andrew the right person for me?” rather than “should I be with John or Andrew?”

Another way is to use a pendulum mat or cloth. As you dangle the pendulum above the mat it will move towards the right solution. This can also be done with pieces of paper with ‘yes’ ‘no’ ‘maybe’ ‘wrong question’ etc written on them. This method can also be used for choosing between two or more options: just write down each of your possible choices and see which one the pendulum moves towards – this is the best option for you.

Some people use pendulums to choose locations by dangling the pendulum over a map and seeing which direction the pendulum swings towards. I know a couple of people who have chosen where to settle down and buy a house using this method, and others who have decided where to go on holiday.

You can buy pendulums from markets, new age type shops and online – just google ‘pendulums’ and a list of stockists will come up. They range from a few dollars each to mega bucks – they all work the same, just choose one that you like and feel drawn to.

You can easily make your own pendulum using either thread, wool, ribbon or a necklace chain to hang a ring or other slightly heavy object from. Just make sure that it is balanced and hangs straight.

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