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My Path to Becoming a Psychic

I have been a professional psychic since 1990 when I was 22 years old, but it was a long path getting to that point and it has been a continuing journey ever since. Many people have asked me how I became a professional psychic and so for my first blog post I thought I might tell the story.

I spent the first part of my childhood in England and spent lots of time exploring sacred sites and ruins and also reading lots of mythology and learning herbal healing with my wonderful grandparents. I had always been interested in psychic and occult matters, which in my house was considered perfectly normal as my mother is very psychic although she has never been drawn to fully developing her gifts or working in the field. As I grew up I got to read lots of books about everything from Tarot and Astrology to spirits, which lead to me doing my first reading when I was 13, not long after I came to Australia.

I spent the next few years being a teenager and growing up but always studying esoteric and spiritual things and doing lots of readings for friends and when I was travelling. My first professional reading was at Salamanca Market one Saturday in 1990. It took a lot of courage and I was very nervous, but once I got started I was hooked!

The success at Salamanca lead to me setting up a psychic practice and starting to see a wide variety of people – all with interesting stories and lives. At the same time, I started studying astrology with the Federation of Australian Astrologers and after many years of study and exams could start offering astrology to my clients.

I continued doing readings but got the real urge to write horoscopes for women’s magazines and newspapers. One day I mentioned this to my best friend and within an hour she had received a phone call from an editor asking if she knew of anyone who was interested in writing horoscopes for his magazine! It seemed destined by the Universe and I was on my way to becoming a nationally famous astrologer and psychic.

Between 1993 and 2013 I wrote horoscopes, astrology and psychic columns for lots of newspapers and magazines, including the Herald Sun, Telegraph, Good Medicine, Nature and Health, Elle, Take 5 and Grazia. I have also done television segments - and more radio appearances than I can remember! This lead to most of my work being done on mainland Australia and being quite quiet and unknown in my home town of Hobart.

In 2007 I started to feel burnt out after 17 years of readings and wanted to use my degrees, so I took a break from the psychic world and worked for the government and University of Tasmania and the arts. However, I really missed doing readings and meeting all my lovely clients, so I returned to being a professional psychic working full time since the beginning of 2014. It does seem that every time I have tried to do something else the Universe has always sent me right back to my Tarot cards and clients – and I do love it more than anything else I’ve ever done!

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