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Soul Mates

The idea that there is a perfect someone out there, someone who is your matching other half has been around for centuries. Ancient Greeks like Plato wrote about it, as have countless poets and philosophers over the ages. Today most people think of this as a ‘soulmate’. I have lost count of the amount of clients who have asked me if and when they will meet their soul mate as part of their reading.

It is a wonderful thought though, that you have a perfect partner out there who is exactly right for you and your relationship with them would always be perfect without any work, and you would always completely understand each other.

Unfortunately this is just a fantasy. I know many happy couples and have met many clients who have had wonderful lifelong marriages – but all of them will agree that sometimes the going can get rough and it is commitment, sacrifice, work and love which gets you through – not whether you have completely matching interests. However, meeting someone with who you have a spiritual connection as well as similar values and goals, is a pretty wonderful foundation to build a happy loving life with.

Through study and many years of readings, I have realised that we have many soul mates who come into our lives. These can be special friends, family members and teachers as well as the usual romantic partners. It is where there is a spiritual connection between the two of you. Some may say you have known each other in previous lives and are linked to each other by mutual destiny. Often the astrology charts of two people are linked and it is easy to see where their lessons of their relationship and what their compatibility is.

Most people who are married to their soul mate say that they felt comfortable or as though they had known each other for years within minutes of meeting. Also that they feel a deep connection at all levels, emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the obvious physical chemistry. There can be an almost telepathic awareness of each other’s thoughts, moods and feelings. They can sense when their lover has walked into the room even if they can’t see them. Some say they feel as though they have ‘come home’ when they are with their partner, and feel safe and protected.

The biggest downside I have seen to the concept of soulmates is where people hold out for the perfect ideal and miss out on potential healthy, happy relationships that are right in front of them. If someone is committed to the fantasy of a perfect relationship, they may be less likely to work through issues and may leave something really good in the hope of something that can never really exist on Earth.

Another problem is where people do have a spiritual ‘soul level’ connection with someone who is bad for them and wont leave, even when their lives have become a misery. Some people come into your lives for a short while, to teach lessons and open you up to new experiences and understanding, they are not meant to be a part of your life forever. Staying in an unhealthy, destructive or abusive relationship is never a good idea – no matter how deep the spiritual connection.

Sometimes a soul mate can come into your life for a while, to shake you up and remind you that you are alive and have a soul and passion – and then move on. Sometimes it is the person that you will spend the rest of your life with, sometimes something in between. It’s always a wonderful ride!

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