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Soulmates and Finding Your Soul Tribe

Many people have heard of the idea of Soulmates but a lot less about their Soul Tribe. I do many readings about Soulmates every year, and to be honest I am a bit sceptical about how this concept can play out for some people. It is an unrealistic idea that there is only one perfect person for you out there who will not only make you complete but will never be any trouble, just because you are Soulmates.

Phooey!! All relationships require work, sacrifice and a strong enough commitment to keep you together when you are having a rough patch and have gone off each other a bit. No matter how blissful and wonderful your Soulmate is - if you are going into a relationship with the attitude that it is always going to be perfect and never need any effort – Oh Sweetie are you in for a rude shock!

Having said that we all know when we have met someone who is connected with us at a soul level. It is like we have known them forever, our whole beings just light up because of them and our lives often take a different, more positive, course as a result. This is a Soulmate, and we have many in our lives. The romantic ones are wonderful and get all the press – after all most of us want to love and be loved, and for it to last and be happy. But what about all the other Soulmates? The friends, teachers, family members, colleagues and so on who really ‘get you’ and are true Soulmates too. Our lives are full of people who connect with us at a deep and spiritual level and play a major role in the unfolding of our life path and spiritual destiny. This is our Soul Tribe and for many people it is their true family.

Having a Soul Tribe is as good as being with your romantic soulmate and is often a lot simpler to connect with and create. Many of you will already know your Soul Tribe and are reaping the positive growth in your life right now. If you feel that you don’t have a Soul Tribe and want one, here are a few tips to get you started.

Ways to find your Soul Tribe

Be the Authentic You: It has often been said that you just need to be yourself and your Tribe will turn up. This may sound a bit shallow, but there is some truth in it. If, for example, you are someone who doesn’t really care about material wealth but really loves art and spirituality, don’t hang out with materialistic people who only care about ‘things’, they’ll never be aligned with your soul – instead join a spiritual development group, start going to gallery openings or both! Just own who you are and what you really like (regardless of what you have been told you ‘should’). Put your energy into what you love and your authentic self and soon you will begin to meet more like-minded people who are on your wavelength.

Don’t be Judgemental: The best friend you will ever have may be standing right next to you but if you are focused on what makes you different to them or if you want to get all judgy about their appearance or whatever, you are going to be cut off from them and never get to find each them. Have standards based on your true values and be ethical, but don’t isolate yourself by being judgemental or feeling different or better than others.

Take Action: While it is good to be clear in your affirmations and intentions, nothing beats practical action for getting results. Go online and join social media groups based in your interests, look at what is going on in your area and join in, just reach out to others like you – Heck, you can even start your own group from scratch and build your own soul Tribe that way. Whoever you are or however ‘weird’ you may be, there are other people out there who are the same and they want to get to know you.

Count your Blessings: Look around you at the people in your life – it may be that you have a small Tribe of Soulmates around you right now, you just can’t see it.

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