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Spirituality in the Garden

Spring is a time when many of us get hit with the gardening bug – and I am no exception. My garden is very important to me. It is where I grow a lot of my own food, relax and unwind and heal myself. It is what grounds me after a long day of psychic readings. Going out into the garden and breathing the fresh air and looking at all the new life growing around me really helps to cast off the stress of the day. It is one of my meditation times.

There is a spiritual side of gardens and gardening. From the countless myths and folklore associated with certain plants, through to the ancient meditative gardening of the Toaist monks, plants have always been associated with the spiritual and psychic realm. Many traditional spells and rituals used the magical properties associated with different plants to bring about the desired results. Just growing a few of these herbs will help to bring their energies into your life. Here are a few of the spiritual and magical properties of plants for your garden.

Herbs: Basil – love, cleansing, wealth Bay – protection, psychic powers, healing, strength and endurance Catnip – cat magic, love, beauty, happiness in the home, fertility Chamomile – money, quiet sleep, affection and family Cinnamon – spirituality, success, healing powers, psychic powers, money, love and passion Cloves – protection, banishing negativity, love money Dill –protecting home from enemies and envious people, money, passion Garlic – healing, banishing negativity, security from thieves Ginger – love, passion, money, success Lavender – love, protection (especially children) quiet sleep, long life, happiness, peace Mint – money, love, increasing sexual desire, healing, protection, travel Parsley – love, protection, divination, passion, purification Pine – healing, fertility, sends hostility back to sender Rosemary – love, passion, mental powers, removes negativity, purification Sage – long life, wisdom, protection, wishes, memory Sandalwood – protection, healing, banishes negativity, spirituality, contact with higher self Star Anise – increases psychic awareness, luck Thyme – health, healing, prophetic dreams, increases psychic powers, improves memory, love Vanilla – Love, passion, increases mental powers

Flowers: African Violet – spirituality and protection Carnation – strength, healing, family devotion Crocus – new hope, positive attitude, visions Daffodil – Love, luck, fidelity, increasing self-esteem Honeysuckle – money, psychic powers, protection Hyacinth – happiness and reconciliation Geranium – fertility, health, love, protection Jasmine – passion, Moon magic, money, prophetic dreams Lily – purity, breaking negative influences in love Marigold – attraction, increases love, prophetic dreams Orchid – spirituality, unique worth, grace, blessings Primrose – new beginnings, reconciliation Rose – love, psychic powers, healing Sunflower - developing potential, confidence, self-esteem Tulip – desire for fame Violet – modesty, secrecy, discovering hidden talents Nature in all its forms is one of the great healers of the mind and spirit. Recently scientists discovered that one of the micro-organisms in soil acts exactly like Prozac in the human body – and the effects last for up to three weeks. A great reason to get out there and get your hands dirty!


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