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The Psychic Power of the Moon

The Moon is the closest planet to the Earth. Its energy and gravitational pull affects the tides, growth of plants, weather, and according to many – our moods and psychic energy.

Traditionally associated with women and the Great Mother Goddesses, the Moon has always been associated with women’s rituals, fertility and magic. Many old time religions, modern day pagans, witches and spiritual people, use the Moon as a focus for their meditation, spells and rituals.

In Astrology, the Moon represents the emotions, the experience of being mothered, home and family and the inner self. Your Moon sign is as important as your Sun sign for making you who you are as it represents how you experience emotions, family and your private world.

The main thing to know about the Moon is its phases. These go from the New Moon (no Moon visible in the sky) to Full Moon (the whole planet is visible) and then back to the New Moon again. While the Moon is going from New to Full it is called the Waxing Moon. This is the best time for doing all things associated with growth, like money spells, planting vegetables, anything which you want to get bigger and stronger. The next phase when less of the Full Moon is visible each night is called the Waning Moon. This is the best time for doing all things associated with endings and reduction, like ending bad habits like smoking, digging up weeds, ending a toxic relationship etc.

The Psychic and Magical Attributes of the Moon Star Sign: Cancer Day of the Week: Monday Colours: White, silver, purple Herbs: Incenses and Oils: Jasmine, camphor, lemon, lemon balm, myrrh and sandalwood. Flowers: Gardenia, Jasmine, Lotus, Night-scented Stock, White Poppies and Roses, Wallflowers. Crystals: Moonstones, Mother-of-Pearl, Pearls, Sea-green Aquamarine. Tarot Card: The Moon. Rules the unconscious, confusion and possible deception, dreams – especially psychic or prophetic dreams.

You can use any or all of the Moon’s power when you need to tap into your intuition, to share or keep secrets, increase fertility, or develop your psychic ability. Here are a few tips for using Moon energy.

  • Putting a small moonstone or silver charm in an egg on your bedroom window ledge between the new to full moon is thought to bring fertility and new growth into the home

  • Plant herbs of the Moon (see above) three or four days before the Full Moon. The oils and beneficial goodies in the plants is at its peak at the full Moon.

  • An old traditional money spell goes as follows: On the night of the Full Moon, hold a mirror so that you can catch the reflection of the Moon in it. In front of the Moon’s reflection, hold a gold coin and let the golden reflection of the coin merge with the silver light of the reflected Moon while you say: “Full Moon, Moon power, silver and gold, I ask this hour, silver and gold, on me shower, before this Moon is old.”

I will be covering how to boost your psychic abilities through using the Moon, plus how to harness the natural Moon energy in gardening, spirituality and health in future articles. Stay tuned!

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