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What kind of psychic is best for you?

In a world filled with astrologers, psychic, clairvoyants and mediums, it is often hard to know exactly what each type of psychic is offering and which is right for what you want. Here is a short guide explaining the different types of psychic counsellors.


This is a general term that covers all kinds of spiritual work and prediction. A true psychic has specific gifts and skills which enable them to tune into your life and essence and future. Some psychics use their contact with spirit guides or spiritual ‘helpers’ while others use their own gifts often in conjunction with tarot cards, crystal balls and so on. Many people working in the spiritual field are psychic to some degree. Most people have some psychic intuition – especially those who are drawn to the spiritual and psychic world. These skills can be developed and increased. Follow this link to read more:


The word ‘clairvoyant’ literally means clear seeing. This is the ability to see into a person’s future, past and present and pick up information about the energies and events surrounding that person. A clairvoyant and psychic are often the same thing as they both use their ability to clearly see the spiritual dimension to help people.


Astrology is the art of using the planets and their movements to understand the self, your talents and challenges and to predict the future. It is extremely good for relationships as it often shows the spiritual reason for why the relationship exists and what strengths and weaknesses are there. Astrology is best known to most people through horoscopes which use zodiac signs. These are very good for general indications, but a proper astrology chart will be completely unique to you and uses all the planets to determine your destiny in love, career, family and wealth.


A medium is someone who is in contact with the spirits of people who have died. A medium can also often be in contact with spirits who help them in their work. Not all psychics are mediums – it is something I have never been drawn to for example. However seeing a medium to contact a deceased loved one and say goodbye or to resolve ‘unfinished business’ can be very useful.


This is the ability to pick up information and spiritual insight through touching objects – often jewellery or something personal. This can often be useful when tuning into other people who are connected with the client who is having a reading. Sometimes people with highly developed psychometry skills can only live in new houses with all new furniture because they pick up too much information from the previous owners!

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