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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 1 April 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading please go to www.stargold.com.au Also, don’t forget to sign up to my new Facebook Community Group where you can meet like-minded people, learn and share with each other. I’d love to see you.

Aries The New Moon in your sign on Saturday brings a new beginning and fresh start to your life. A fantastic time for starting new projects or simply bringing a close to one phase of life and beginning again. Behind the scenes activity and secrets may case stress for some, just try to ignore the troublemakers.

Taurus Ideas about a new business or project may begin to form for some Taureans. You may have several options to consider – each of them has merit but you should follow your heart to guide you to the right answer. There may be some welcome news about a child, which will be a relief if they have been worrying you lately.

Gemini You will be full of energy and ready for a challenge this week, but just make sure that you are heading in the right direction before you act too hastily, especially if your work and career is concerned. Take time to plan and think things through and keep a focus on the long-term impacts of your choices.

Cancer The focus for this week is on your career and public status, with the possibility of promotion or a step up in your career likely. You have wonderful stars for showing a new side of yourself to the world, it may be that it is long overdue and will help you to be more confident and contented.

Leo This is a very poor week for making decisions and signing paperwork to do with loans and shared finances. Make sure that you have really thought things through before you take on any long-term commitments, because you might be being a little too optimistic about the consequences for your own good.

Virgo Your relationships could be confusing this week, so watch out for misunderstandings and make sure you haven’t jumped to conclusions on little or no evidence. There are some warm and wonderful vibes in your home and family sector which will make you feel loved and secure.

Libra The New Moon in your relationship zone this week brings a chance to restart and renew your commitment to your partner. Making time for a break from the daily grind will inspire and motivate you to try new things. It is also a very good time for singles to start a new committed relationship.

Scorpio This is a wonderful week for animal lovers as the stars are shining on all things to do with pets– including adopting a new fur baby for some. Things are looking good in your work and daily life, with the possibility of a new project on the horizon. A great week for starting a new fitness or health kick.

Sagittarius The new Moon in your romance and social zone is likely to bring a new flirtation or romantic interest to single Sagittarians this weekend. This is also a fantastic week if you have ever wanted to express yourself creatively. It doesn’t matter what form it takes but writing down your feelings is highlighted.

Capricorn Communication issues may be a problem for some Capricorns this week. Confusing and dreamy Neptune is in your communication zone in close contact with chatty Mercury. Misunderstandings missed messages and paperwork confusion are all likely. Wait until next week before you sign anything important.

Aquarius Keep a close watch on your finances this week as being overcharged, losing money and unexpected bills are all likely. Check all receipts and bills and even if it makes things a little bit awkward, now is not a good time for lending money – especially to friends and loved ones – keep everything businesslike and in writing.

Pisces If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t going to happen – at least not with this week’s stars. Actions speak louder than words, so if you want to get to the bottom of someone’s true intentions, look at how they behave, not what they say. A fantastic week for career and recognition.

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