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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 8 April 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au Also, don’t forget to sign up to my new Facebook Community Group where you can meet like-minded people, learn and share with each other. I’d love to see you.

Aries The Sun is shining in your sign this week, bringing positive energy and a birthday or two. Now is a wonderful time for you to really think about our future and where you are heading in life long term, especially on Sunday when you will be feeling super confident and able to take on anything.

Taurus This is not a great week for taking on shared commitments and financial purchases as there may be some small issues which hold things up. Friends may be inspiring through their actions or words and one may push you in a new direction which will be helpful for your personal growth.

Gemini Things may take a step backwards for every step forward in your relationships with others this week. Avoid bringing up old problems from the past unless it is because you have gained new insight or moved on, as there is nothing to be gained from rehashing old wounds. Money matter are looking positive.

Cancer Now is not a good time for getting into clashes with the in-laws or extended family. It will put pressure on your relationship and put your partner in a difficult situation. Legal matters are showing to be confusing so make sure you know all the facts before you go any further.

Leo This is a great week for your creativity and social life. Now is a great time for you to put your energy into manifesting and creating things that you want or need – a positive attitude and practical action will work wonders. Romance is looking good for singles with the possibility of an old flame returning for a second try.

Virgo Another big week in your relationship zone as three planets combine to bring excitement, romance and possibly some confusion as well. Stick to the facts when discussing plans with others and don’t get caught up in fears or insecurities. A very dreamy and romantic week for couples.

Libra Try to be flexible and willing to compromise this week, as other people and their needs are going to be a big priority. Family members may be putting some pressure on you at the moment, the advice is to listen to your partner or close friend for an outside perspective that is grounded in reality.

Scorpio Money matters may take a step backwards this week as something you had planned on happening may fall through or give a smaller result than you had hoped. Things will soon turn around as this is only a temporary situation and you will be back on track – especially financially - in no time.

Sagittarius This may be a good time to chill out and tie up some loose ends before you move onto your next big step. Old friends and old memories may come back into your life, causing some nostalgia and wishful thinking. Remember to be grateful for what you have in the present and you will be happy.

Capricorn This week may feel a little intense and full of changes. Many of the transformations may come in your mindset or ways of thinking, as you will really be able to get to the bottom of old fears and patterns that have held you back. Try to find a compromise with a family member before the weekend.

Aquarius Friends and groups may feel like more trouble than they are worth at times this week. One friend in particular may be testing your patience with their need for drama, but really it is a clash of values and priorities which are causing the problem. Think before you spend any major money.

Pisces Romantic Venus, chatty Mercury and confusing and mysterious Neptune are all gathered in your sign again this week – making it a fantastic time if you are looking for love and romance -even if it is just a crush or passing fancy. Wednesday is a high action day where you can really make some progress.

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