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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 29 April 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au

Aries This is a week of ups and downs. Mercury, planet of communication and the mind is in your sign and being hit off by four different planets throughout the week, bringing a lot of action, information and stress - it may feel a bit overwhelming at times. Meditation and/or relaxation is essential.

Taurus The New Moon in your sign on Sunday is like the Taurus New Year. A great time for you to see how far you have come in the last twelve months; what you would like to continue with, what you have outgrown, and what new things you would like to explore. A great week for love and romance.

Gemini This is an excellent week for using your intuition, listening to dreams and perhaps getting a reading; as your spiritual and intuitive side is being boosted by the Moon right now. Try to avoid getting involved with a friend’s gossip or pointless dramas, especially if it is a pattern for them.

Cancer A busy week in your career zone with information, calls and messages going everywhere. You may have to do more running around than usual to get everything done. Couples may reach the end of a problem or finish off a project together which brings you closer together.

Leo This is a fantastic week for starting or applying for a new job, or to sign up for training that will give you a new career in future. There may be some exciting news coming from interstate or overseas, possibly from extended family. Try to save rather than spend this week.

Virgo You may be feeling a bit more serious and reflective this week and wont feel as much like being around people as usual. This is just a passing phase and necessary for you to recharge your batteries. Sometimes you need to go back, think and understand what has happened in the past.

Libra This is a time where talking things over with your partner and others is essential but may feel like it is causing more trouble than it is worth along the way. Keep going as you have wonderful stars for being in harmony and finding a positive path forward by the end of the week.

Scorpio The New Moon in your relationship zone this week could bring a fresh start to an old relationship. Now is not a time for going it alone as you have wonderful stars for working and being with others. Most things will not only go more smoothly but will also be more enjoyable if you share the experience.

Sagittarius A positive week for health matters -especially for those wanting to make a fresh start in their diet or exercise routine. Keeping things simple and grounded as much as possible will help the week go smoothly. Your daily routine and working life are looking good.

Capricorn This week is all about going back over old business, tying up loose ends and bringing a troublesome something to an end – especially if it has dragged on for too long already. An excellent week for singles looking for romance, as a new love interest may enter your life over the weekend.

Aquarius The New Moon will happen in your zone of endings and beginnings on Sunday making this a perfect time to say goodbye to what you have outgrown and welcome new energies and paths that are more suited to the real you. A new home or house move is likely for some.

Pisces This is a week of ups and downs in your financial zone. Make sure that you check all bills and statements as it is likely that a mistake will be made. A good week for scoring bargains, especially if you are shopping online – just don’t get too carried away and buy more than you can afford.

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