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2020 Your Year Ahead

Happy New year everyone, I hope 202 brings you everything you hope for. For a private reading with me to tune into your coming year, please go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries This is a wonderful year for your career and public standing. You have several planets in your career zone this year, including good luck planet Jupiter. So, if you are career oriented, or you own your own business, this is a fantastic year for you which will bring many changes and good luck. This will likely impact on your finances as unpredictable Uranus is in your finance zone this year, bringing unexpected changes and possibly surprise boosts to your income. Your love life is highlighted throughout late October and November when positive, loving energies spread through your relationship zone.

Taurus Travel, education and broadening your horizons is highlighted for Taurus people in 2020, as you are ready for change and exploration this year. You have unpredictable, freedom loving rebel, Uranus in your sign and while this may bring some unexpected changes to you, it also brings the best opportunity of your whole life to be the real you – totally authentic and true to yourself. Of course, this might upset a few people who want you to stay the same, but your personal growth and freedom to be you is very strong and should be honoured. Love blooms in November/December.

Gemini Your relationships will be impacted by eclipses in your relationship zone on the 6th of June and the 15th of December. You may meet the love of your life, become more serious or find that problems reach a peak and have to be dealt with. Changes are ahead. An excellent year for investing and taking out loans for business or houses as good luck energies will bless your deals. For some an inheritance or payout could change your finances considerably, but there is also the reminder to be cautious and sensible with any windfalls as they are a once in a lifetime deal.

Cancer This is a very big year for all of your relationships and dealings with others. Jupiter, the growth and good luck planet joins intense Pluto and solid Saturn in your relationship zone and you also have a major lunar eclipse there on 5 July. So, your personal relationships are going to be where a lot of the energy and focus for this year will be. Major commitments, divorce and shared property purchases are all likely. A great year for getting inspiration and meeting new friends and joining (or starting) a group based around your interests or ideals.

Leo A great year for getting organised, de-cluttering your life and home and sorting out your health and fitness regime once and for all. Your day to day life is where most of the action will be taking place this year – especially if you are looking to start a new job or change your way of life completely. Moving from the city to the country or vice versa, leaving a high-pressure job or alternately stepping up into a higher position with more demands are all possible. A fantastic time for you to address any weight or health issues, especially if they are caused by bad habits.

Virgo There are very poor energies for going into business or taking out a loan or mortgage with others this year. If you do, make sure that you have read all the fine print and are protected in case things are not as they seem or don’t pan out the way they should. A highlight of this year is in your zone of pleasure, creativity and entertainment, so doing things that just feel good or allow you to express yourself in some way is a fantastic use of the energy. Singles will find lots of romance while established couples will benefit from being silly and having fun together.

Libra A big year for the home, family and property. You have wonderful stars for adding to your family, buying or moving to a new home and also for investing in land or property. There may be some changes to your home, renovations and extensions are likely while for some moving interstate or even overseas is possible. Your health may go through some phases, especially in Winter, which will be improved by mediation, relaxation and eating healthily. Your love life is looking pretty uneventful and free from crisis, with February through to early March feeling extremely pleasurable and happy for you.

Scorpio Your relationships with others are under some unusual and unpredictable energies this year. For some the need for freedom and change will be too much, but those relationships which allow you to be yourself will flourish and grow. Communication and writing are highlighted, making this the perfect year to start writing that book or even just finally saying your piece about a long-standing issue. Your local community and neighbourhood will be important with some Scorpios volunteering or contributing their services for the greater good. March through to early April are the best times for love, while late December is best for money.

Sagittarius This is a year where you really find out what is important to you and what you believe in as your values and finances go through some interesting times. You have good luck planet Jupiter moving through your finance zone all year along with Pluto bringing transformation and Saturn bringing the consequences of past actions and seriousness – this is a year where money will dictate a lot of things and you will reap the benefits of hard work and being sensible. Expect the unexpected in your work and daily life – it might be time to rethink and make some changes more in keeping with who you are now, rather than what you were before.

Capricorn This is one of the most action-packed years your sign will experience ever. Intense Pluto, serious Saturn and good luck Jupiter are all in your sign this year – plus a lunar eclipse on 5th July. Expect lots of change and transformation as well as the best opportunity for growth and building solid foundations. Let go of what you don’t need and don’t be afraid to go beyond the boundaries of what you thought possible. A great year for setting the stage for the rest of your life. Creativity and pleasure may come in unusual forms so experiment!

Aquarius Serious and responsible Saturn enters your sign briefly between 22nd March and 2nd July, then returning for a two-and-a-half-year stay. Prepare for this time by focussing on practical and stable actions and work to lay strong foundations for yourself. If you have been reliable and responsible previously, the next few years will bring you great rewards and the pay off for all your sacrifices and hard work – if not the opposite will be true. Your spiritual and psychic abilities will be heightened through this time allowing you to let go of unconscious blockages and fears.

Pisces Your ruling planet Neptune is in your sign all of this year which will increase your spirituality and compassion for others but may also make you confused about which path to take in life. Your friends and the groups you hang out with will be a strong influence on you, there is even the possibility of romance and a long-term relationship developing from an existing friendship for some. Follow your intuition about most things especially about your future dreams. If you can find a compromise between the fantasy and the reality you will be very contented and happy.


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