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Full Moon and Eclipse in Gemini 30 November 2020

Sign: Gemini

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Keyword: Communication

Affirmation: “I talk, think and discover knowledge”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. Lunar Eclipses are like extra potent Full Moons. They illuminate areas of our lives that need to be cleared and swept away. They shine a light on all that no longer needs to be present with us. This Full Moon and eclipse happens in the chatty and intellectual sign of Gemini 30 November 2020

What is the energy and focus for a Gemini Full Moon and Eclipse?

Gemini rules the mind, information, communication and the sense we make of the world. It also rules decisions and choices you make which with the eclipse are likely to be long term and far-reaching. Mental overload and stress are a symptom of too much energy in the mind that is not being used properly for action and change, with this Full Moon you will have the opportunity to make the choices that are overdue.

This Full Moon also brings an opportunity to explore and discover your local area through new eyes. Joining a community group or becoming involved in local and community issues may become important to you. Your brothers and sisters and extended family are likely to play a part in your life moving forward.

Natural Zodiac Zone

The Natural Zodiac Zone for Gemini is the Third House. The Third House is traditionally regarded as the communication zone, but in practice it is all about being heard and listened to. It also gives us an opportunity to collect information and learn new things especially through books and reading.

You may find yourself taking lots of small trips and running errands and should make sure that your car completely safe and well maintained as break downs and accidents may occur. As the communication house this is a time where messages, calls and emails may pile up if you are not careful – one of them perhaps containing life changing news.

Typical Gemini Full Moon Eclipse Events

1 Become involved in your neighbourhood or local community – perhaps even your children or grandchildren’s school.

2 Reading lots of books and online, learning new information and losing yourself in the stories.

3 Finally making a big, life-altering decision that has been brewing for some time

4 Building on anything that you started about six months ago or seeing whether you want to continue with it.

Spiritual Practices for the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse

To be done during the night of the Gemini Full Moon.

Decision Making Ritual

You will need:

2 x pieces of paper


White candle

Sit down in a quiet space where you wont be disturbed and take three long, deep breathes, clearing your mind and body of stress.

Light the candle and begin to think slowly and calmly about the decision or choice you have to make

State your intention “I am going to make a final decision about _____________” and state your decision.

Take the first piece of paper and write the first possible choice or option and place it on the floor in front of you

Now take the second piece of paper and write down your second possible choice or option.

Now take three more deep, slow breaths to clear your mind

Put your left hand on the first piece of paper and notice how you feel. Scared, worried unsure, or happy and positive about the possibilities. Write these down on the paper

Now do the same with the second piece and see if you feel any different about this choice.

You should by now have a good idea which one resonates and is the most positive for you.

This is the right choice or path to take

Rituals for any Full Moon:

1 Place your crystals in the light of the Full Moon overnight to recharge and cleanse them

2 Keep a dream journal and write down any important dreams you may have during the Full Moon when your intuition is highlighted.

3 Go out under the Full Moon and take a Moon Bath. Soak up the Moon’s energy as you focus on bringing your New Moon intentions into being.


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