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Full Moon in Cancer 19 December 2021

Find out what the Full Moon means for you this month.

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Full Moon in Cancer 19 December 2021

Sign: Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon

Element: Water

Keyword: Nurturing

Affirmation: “I protect and nourish all life in the world”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in the emotional, caring and home loving sign of Cancer on 19 December 2021.

What is the energy and focus for a Cancer Full Moon?

The Full Moon in Cancer is a time where emotions are at their peak and moods and erratic feelings can be a problem. Possibly the most fertile time of the year – this Full Moon is a fantastic time for people who love their gardens and also anyone who is hoping to get pregnant and increase their family.

What started six months ago at the Cancer New Moon is now reaching a turning point where things can be assessed and see if they are working or not. A wonderful time for all family matters and for being with the ones you love, sharing food and the home together and reminiscing about past happenings and people.

How the Cancer Full Moon will affect each sign

Aries The Moon represents the home and your feelings and motherhood, and this Full Moon is in your zone of home and family. A great time for being a domestic goddess, earth mother or to just enjoy your home.

Taurus This Full Moon is a reminder to stop looking outside yourself and your community and place for answers. You can find everything you want and need around you and within you – you don’t have to leave.

Gemini This Full Moon is a turning point in your financial matters and attitudes. Perhaps you will reach a crunch point where you have to change, or you will be inspired by your success to continue and grow.

Cancer This Full Moon in your sign is going to bring a burst of emotions, nostalgia and strong feelings about your past, home, and childhood. This can be very pleasurable if you keep your focus on gratitude for the positives.

Leo Your intuition and psychic senses will be very strong during this Full Moon. You will be able to tap into the hidden feelings of others, but most importantly your own, which used wisely will bring great insight.

Virgo Your place in your community and finding like-minded people to share your interests with are highlighted by this Full Moon – as are pay-rises, especially as a result of promotion and increased profits from business.

Libra Your place in the world and how other people think about you (and talk about you) will be important at this Full Moon. It may be that you finally receive the recognition you have worked for and deserve.

Scorpio This Full Moon is a reminder that you can learn everything you need and want to know through exploring the world. This can be through travel and meeting other cultures, or it can be through study and reading.

Sagittarius This could be a crunch time for your finances – especially loans and debt. The pressure of repayments should be on your mind if taking on any new commitments. Some will become debt free and feeling good!

Capricorn This Full Moon happens in your relationships and others zone, so you may feel very full of emotions and positive feelings for the people closest to you- or alternatively it may be the final straw that ends the relationship.

Aquarius You will be given the opportunity to examine some of your bad habits and put and end to them as you may be sick and tired of being sick and tired and will make the changes needed to be healthy.

Pisces Your romance, fun and pleasure zone is being hit off by this Full Moon, so love, people and feeling good are the order of the day. Parents, and those hoping to become parents may have a wish come true around children.


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