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Full Moon in Capricorn 25 June 2021

Sign: Capricorn

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Keyword: Ambition

Affirmation: “I manifest with consciousness and integrity”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and the energies you start at the New Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in the ambitious and serious sign of Capricorn 25 June 2021

What is the energy and focus for a Capricorn Full Moon?

Capricorn’s planetary ruler Saturn is in charge of all things slow and serious, but also of the rewards and consequences of past actions. It rules all the rules and regulations that help to keep the world running and also anyone who is in a position of authority like governments etc. It rules taking on more responsibility and needing more discipline, but also gaining control and authority by doing so.

In your own life this Full Moon may bring a time where you have to lay down the law or set some rules with others. Or it could be that now is a time where you gladly take on a new responsibility like a child or grandchild. Worldly success is ruled by Capricorn, so advancement at work or in your community is likely.

Natural Zodiac Zone

Capricorn is the ruler of the Natural Zodiac Tenth House. The Tenth House is the area of your chart which is very related to career, public standing, and reputation. It is the place where you receive either praise and awards for your achievements – or public criticism for what you have done wrong, which is likely to come to light in the Tenth House.

This house also represents one of your parents. Traditionally this was seen as the house of the Father, but now it is seen to represent the most authoritarian parent who sets the rules and does most of the disciplining. The Government, your employer or boss, and any authorities which can control or structure your life or interests are also represented here.

Typical Capricorn Full Moon Events

1 Attaining a goal or ambition – especially career related


2 Healing an issue or entire relationship with a parent.

3 Changing your status in some way – through a promotion, marriage, or home ownership.

4 Your business going into the black and turning a profit for the first time.

Spiritual Practices for the Capricorn Full Moon

To be done during the night of the Capricorn Full Moon.

Ending Ritual

This practice uses the power of Capricorn’s ruling planet Saturn to end unhealthy or outworn situations, attachments, or relationships.

You will need:




Fireproof container

First, find a place where you won’t be disturbed and centre yourself by taking three deep breaths.

Now light the candle and spend some time thinking about what is in your life which is holding you back and keeping you attached and unhealthy. This can be thoughts, feelings, people, or situations.

Now write these things down on the paper and look at them for a while, feeling how much these things are no good for you and are restricting and tying you to the past.

Now put the paper in the fireproof container and light it carefully. As it burns away say to yourself:

Past be gone,

Ties be gone,

(Name the problem) be gone,

And set me free.

And harm it none,

So mote it be.

When all the paper has burned to ash, take it outside and scatter the ashes on the earth to neutralise the energy.

Rituals for any Full Moon:

1 Place your crystals in the light of the Full Moon overnight to recharge and cleanse them

2 Keep a dream journal and write down any important dreams you may have during the Full Moon when your intuition is highlighted.

3 Go out under the Full Moon and take a Moon Bath. Soak up the Moon’s energy as you focus on bringing your New Moon intentions into being.


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