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Full Moon in Libra 17 April 2022

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Sign: Libra

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Keyword: I Balance

Affirmation: “I attract loving and balanced relationships”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility, and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in romantic, and relationship driven Libra on 17 April 2022.

What is the energy and focus for a Libra Full Moon?

Libra is ruled by beautiful and loving Venus and this Full Moon will give you the opportunity to create a bit more beauty and luxury in your life and home. It can represent spending too much money and time on appearances at its worst, but at best it can inspire you to redecorate, buy new clothes or have a luxury pampering experience at a beauty spa. Very romantic, this is one of the best times for love, relationships and getting married or committed to the one you love.

A fantastic mediator and peace maker the Libran Moon creates situations where conflicts can be resolved, and common ground and harmony created. . The need to relate and unite with others is strong at this time, just beware of trying to please everyone or feel you need to agree with everything that is being said.

How the Libra Full Moon will affect each sign

Aries This Full Moon is in your zone of relationships making this a very romantic and passionate time for you and the one you love. For those who are single this Moon will bring harmony with others.

Taurus This is a great Full Moon for finishing all those odd jobs and small errands that build up over time and cause hassle. Make a list and work through them one by one – it will take less time than you think.

Gemini This Full Moon in Libra is ruled by creative, beautiful Venus and is falling in your zone of creativity and interests, making this a wonderful time for trying a new hobby or expressing yourself creatively.

Cancer Your home and family life is highlighted by the Full Moon, making this a fantastic time for moving home, buying property, or just enjoying time with your loved ones. Endings and new beginnings are likely.

Leo A fantastic Full Moon for making contact with people from your past who you have lost touch with over time. Communication with others at all levels is highlighted so speak up and reach out.

Virgo This Full Moon is all about what you value and is important to you. This can also include money and possessions as your financial luck is positive – as long as you don’t compromise your principles.

Libra This Full Moon is in your sign and bringing things which you started six months ago to a peak. You will be able to decide whether to continue on your current path or make some changes for the better.


Your subconscious, intuitive and psychic zone is hit off by this Full Moon, possibly causing some interesting dreams and restless nights. Listen to your gut feelings as they will be spot on.

Sagittarius Your future, your dreams and hopes are all highlighted by this Full Moon. A fantastic Moon for setting goals, creating affirmations, and taking the first steps to manifesting the future you want.

Capricorn Your career and public reputation are the focus of this Full Moon, so if you have been thinking of applying for a new job or promotion, you will likely be successful if you have put in the work.

Aquarius Travel and movement are highlighted by this Full Moon and even if it is just making plans for future trips, expanding your world through new adventures is highlighted. An optimistic time.

Pisces A very powerful Full Moon for all Pisces. It brings a time where you can really let go of old issues, blockages and pain and transform them into wisdom and empowerment. Good for money too.


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