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Full Moon in Aquarius 4 August 2020

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Full Moon in Aquarius

Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Keyword: I Know

Affirmation: “I am my unique, free and true self”

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and when the energies, ideas and projects you begin at the New Moon reach their peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in the eccentric, unique and humanitarian sign of Aquarius

What is the energy and focus for an Aquarian Full Moon?

Aquarius is the great humanitarian who feels universal love and care for all life on Earth. A great believer in equality of all kinds, this sign brings a need for freedom from all forms of oppression and lies. In an individual the Full Moon in Aquarius can bring a strong desire for being your true authentic self – as weird and wonderful as that may be. You may want to rebel against old ways of doing things and may not take kindly to rules or authority at this time.

This Full Moon is very future focussed and is a wonderful time for making plans and dreaming big. Groups or associations which have a higher cause like social justice, freedom or alternative ways of doing things are appealing and may give a sense of belonging even if the group itself is outside the mainstream. Above all the energy and focus of the Aquarian Full Moon is for you to be your most unique, eccentric, optimistic, authentic you.

Natural Zodiac Zone

Aquarius is the ruler of the Eleventh House in the Natural Zodiac. The Eleventh House is the house of friends, groups and associations. This is where you find people who are like you and share a common interest or values. Excellent for networking in your career or social life and represents connections with others that are not romantic or family based.

The Eleventh House is also the home of wishes and hopes for the future. It is where we can see where we want to be and where we are going. It rules the income we make from our business or career and also social media – especially when used for business or a cause. House Eleven also rules stepchildren and adopted children.

Typical Aquarian Full Moon Events

1 A friend becomes closer to you as you find more things in common, including shared past experiences and future hopes

2 One of your oldest dreams may come true – perhaps not in the way you expected it to happen, but your hopes will be fulfilled.

3 Being able to see problems from a new detached perspective – bringing a ‘lightbulb moment’ of enlightenment where everything makes sense and you can find the way forward.

4 Being able (or forced) to be your true unique and authentic self with others and the world. It may feel a bit unusual or strange, but wonderful to be you

Spiritual Practices for the Aquarian Full Moon

To be done during the night of the Aquarius Full Moon.

The highest vibration of the Aquarius Full Moon is about Universal love and love of humanity as a whole. This ritual is to enable you to send unconditional love and energy to the world and all who live in it.

Sit in the light of the Full Moon – this can be outside or at a window, it doesn’t matter as long as you can feel and see the moonlight.

Take three long and slow deep breaths, each time breathing in clear Moonlight energy and breathing out stress and discomfort.

Close your eyes and take a moment to focus on unconditional universal love and visualize the moonlight entering your body and spirit.

Now picture that energy pouring from your heart center out into the world. Picture it flowing around your home and the people in it, your neighborhood, your town/city, your country and then the whole world. Feel love flowing from you and covering the earth with white light and positive energy.

Now draw the light back into yourself and feel universal love flowing to your spiritual self, simultaneously completely unique and at one with all humanity.

Open your eyes and relax

Rituals for any Full Moon:

1 Place your crystals in the light of the Full Moon overnight to recharge and cleanse them

2 Keep a dream journal and write down any important dreams you may have during the Full Moon when your intuition is highlighted.

3 Go out under the Full Moon and take a Moon Bath. Soak up the Moon’s energy as you focus on bringing your New Moon intentions into being.


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