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Full Moon in Pisces 2 September 2020

Find out what today's Full Moon in Pisces means for you and how to best use the energies.

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Full Moon in Pisces 2 September 2020

Sign: Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Keyword: I Believe

Affirmation: "I am filled with compassion and unconditional love"

The Full Moon is a time of fulfillment, nourishment, fertility and the energies you start at the Full Moon reaching a peak or harvest. This Full Moon happens in the dreamy, spiritual and compassionate sign of Pisces on 2 September 2020.

What is the energy and focus for a Pisces Full Moon?

The emotional powers of the Moon unite with spiritual, psychic, empathic and dreamy Pisces. Pisces rules unconditional love not just for people but for all living things and the Earth itself. The ability to see the divine spiritual light within everyone is strong at this time. Sacrifice for a higher good or ideal is represented here, which combined with the unconditional love can sometimes lead to co-dependent and exploitative relationships at its worst, a truly spiritual and lasting connection at its highest.

Escaping from the world and its problems are highlighted, this can be as harmless and uplifting as tuning out into music or art that you love or as destructive as escaping into drugs and alcohol. Quiet time by the water and all water-based activities – including a relaxing bath – are all soothing to a Pisces Moon.

Natural Zodiac Zone

The Twelfth House is the natural home for Pisces and its ruler Neptune. The Twelfth House rules retreating from the world into a quiet, peaceful, private space so that spiritual truth and growth can be found. The traditional form of this is the old monasteries and ashrams where people would leave behind the responsibilities and cares of life and focus on their spirituality and faith. Today spiritual retreats are still popular, and you can create this in your own home by setting aside time and space to detach from the world and meditate, relax or perhaps read a spiritual book.

This is the zone of dreams and the subconscious so writing down your dreams or keeping a journal of your spiritual growth and journey are helpful ways to tap into your inner self. Another good way to use the energies of compassionate service and sacrifice is to volunteer or donate to charity or a cause.

Typical Pisces Full Moon Events

1 Having insights coming from your dreams and intuition and hunches that are extremely accurate

2 Feeling very emotional and picking up on the undercurrents and energies of the people around you.

3 Experiencing true unconditional love and spiritual connection with someone you love or have just met

4 Having a psychic or astrology reading to gain spiritual insight and guidance for your next stage in life.

Spiritual Practices for the Pisces Full Moon

To be done during the night of the Pisces Full Moon.

Unconditional self-love meditation

Sit in a comfortable supported position and take three deep breaths as you relax your body and clear your mind of thoughts

Put your hand over your heart and feel the warmth moving between your palm and heart.

Ask any pain, hurt or emotional blockages to leave you as you take three more deep breaths

Now say to yourself: “I trust. I am loved. I am lovable. I am gentle and strong. I forgive and forgive myself. I unconditionally love myself. I am patient. I am safe. I am whole. I am a child of the universe. I live in a world created by love. I am love”.

Continue to breath and feel your heart heal through the healing and transforming energy of love. Open up to love as you release pain, resentment and blockages as you exhale and breath in warm and clear loving light into your heart area.

Continue with this until you feel light and love flow within you. Then lower your hand

Rest and then slowly stretch and move until you are fully awake.

Rituals for any Full Moon:

1 Place your crystals in the light of the Full Moon overnight to recharge and cleanse them

2 Keep a dream journal and write down any important dreams you may have during the Full Moon when your intuition is highlighted.

3 Go out under the Full Moon and take a Moon Bath. Soak up the Moon’s energy as you focus on bringing your New Moon intentions into being.


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