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New Moon and Eclipse in Sagittarius 4 December 2021

Find out what the New Moon means for you this month.

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New Moon and Eclipse in Sagittarius 4 December 2021

Sign: Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Keyword: Understanding

Affirmation: “I rejoice in all of life’s adventures and abundance”

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities. Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens in the generous and adventurous sign of Sagittarius on 4 December 2021.

What is the energy and focus for a Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse?

Ruled by the abundant good luck planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is a happy and optimistic, generous, and fortunate sign for this New Moon and Eclipse. New beginnings that make you feel positive about your future and better still have an element of adventure and exploration are indicated. Life-long learning and travel are highlighted as they help you to grow and understand the world and your place in it.

There can be a tendency for over-indulgence and weight gain with this sign as you may not feel the need to stop when something feels good – which can lead to all sorts of trouble! Also splashing the cash while you have it will not allow for savings when the luck runs out, so be aware of your limitations and don’t push your luck or forget that lucky breaks always come to an end at some point.

How the Sagittarius New Moon and Eclipse will affect each sign

Aries This New Moon and Eclipse brings insight and knowledge to you, which will help you see the right way forwards and also expand your ideas of what is possible. Your beliefs, wisdom and experience will all be highlighted.

Taurus Intensity and transformation are the key to this New Moon and Eclipse for Taurus people. A fantastic time for letting go of anything that is holding you back or just doesn’t serve you any longer and accepting change.

Gemini This New Moon and Eclipse happens in your relationship zone, bringing fresh energy and new beginnings to any business or personal relationship, marriage or even enemies. Start again and leave the past behind you.

Cancer Your daily working life is touched by the New Moon and Eclipse, which for some will see a new job, new routine or schedule begin. Your health is highlighted, and so is healthy living, eating and exercise so make the most of it.

Leo Love is in the air and romance is all around you with this New Moon and Eclipse in your romance and luck zone. Leaving your everyday worries behind and focusing on who and what is good in life will bring joy.

Virgo For Virgos this will be a very powerful New Moon and Eclipse full of new beginnings and endings. A fantastic time for letting go and finishing off old business and opening the door to fresh energy and the start of something positive.

Libra Look around you – especially in your local area – as this New Moon and Eclipse may make you realise that you have everything you need right where you are. Your extended family may be important right now too.

Scorpio This New Moon and Eclipse gives you the opportunity to really dig down into what you stand for and value. This may be a pleasurable experience which boosts your self-esteem, or you may need to oppose what is wrong.

Sagittarius This is a very important New Moon for you as the Eclipse will add a power boost to your sense of identity, personal power, and direction. A wonderful time for making fresh starts and laying the foundations for big things.

Capricorn A very spiritual time where you focus should be on your inner world and personal truth. The New Moon and Eclipse will bring insight into something deep and buried if you are still and allow the feelings to flow.

Aquarius This New Moon and Eclipse bring a rare opportunity to start making one of your dreams come true. It may only be something small, but it will act like planting a seed for future growth which is healthy, balanced, and whole.

Pisces Your career and public standing are highlighted by this New Moon and Eclipse. All fresh beginnings like a new job, career path or perhaps a higher position in a community or non-profit group are likely to go well.


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