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New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius 15 December 2020

Sign: Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Keyword: Understanding

Affirmation: “I rejoice in all of life’s adventures and abundance”

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. Solar eclipses tend to create new beginnings and bright new opportunities. Usually, they are exciting, are often very positive, and bring news out of the blue. New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens in the generous and adventurous sign of Sagittarius on 15 December 2020.

What is the energy and focus for a Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse?

Ruled by the abundant good luck planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is a happy and optimistic, generous and fortunate sign for this New Moon and Eclipse. New beginnings that make you feel positive about your future and better still have an element of adventure and exploration are indicated. Life-long learning and travel are highlighted as they help you to grow and understand the world and your place in it.

There can be a tendency for over-indulgence and weight gain with this sign as you may not feel the need to stop when something feels good – which can lead to all sorts of trouble! Also splashing the cash while you have it will not allow for savings when the luck runs out, so be aware of your limitations and don’t push your luck or forget that lucky breaks always come to an end at some point.

Natural Zodiac Zone

Sagittarius is the natural ruler of the Ninth House. This house is all about broadening your horizons, learning and growing and exploring the world, either through travel or study. The New Moon in this house will help you to be more philosophical about the past and its ups and downs and make a new start in your next phase of life.

The law and all legal matters are ruled by this house, as is publishing and getting your thoughts out to a wide audience. Teachers and lecturers of all kinds are ruled by the Ninth House as are students of all kinds. For some this can be a time where you look to other cultures and countries for answers or perhaps even to find love.

Typical Sagittarius New Moon and Eclipse Events

1 Enrolling in or beginning a course of study or higher education.

2 Planning or starting a major journey – or possibly relocating to a new home.

3 Feeling lucky and optimistic about life in general for no real reason at all.

4 Beginning a new adventure of some kind which broadens your horizons and helps you to grow.

Spiritual Practices for the Sagittarius New Moon and Eclipse

To be done during the night of the Sagittarius New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

Growing Wealth Ritual

You can use any plant for this ritual, including potted plants you may already have. Traditionally jade and basil are the most effective.

You will need:

• A living plant already potted

• A coin

• A Bay leaf or pinch of Cinnamon

Only use healthy and thriving plants for this. Place the bay leaf or cinnamon in the soil in the pot and push the edge of the coin down into the dirt in the same spot.

While you are doing this visualise your money growing and increasing in your wallet or bank account.

You don't have to bury the coin. The edge of it should still stick up. Whenever some extra money comes your way, take the coin out and spend it. Replace it with a new coin to keep the spell going.

Rituals for any New Moon:

1 The New Moon is the best time for starting or launching new routines, diets, businesses, life phase – anything new that you want to last.

2 Write your intentions of what you would like to achieve or work on over the next four weeks of the Moon cycle. Use as a guide for focus during the month and check at the next New Moon how far you have come.

3 Declutter and let go of stuff you no longer need or have outgrown, creating space for new energy to come in.


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