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New Moon in Aquarius 12 February 2021

Sign: Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Keyword: I Know

Affirmation: “I am my unique, free and true self”

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. This New Moon happens in the innovative, eccentric and freedom loving sign of Aquarius on 12 February 2021.

What is the energy and focus for an Aquarius New Moon?

The New Moon is all about new beginnings and starting cycles, and with the Aquarius New Moon you may begin new friendships or join a new group or organisation, especially those related to equality, social justice and freedom. The internet and all social media are ruled by Aquarius, making this a great time to join or start your own social media following about something you feel passionate about.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius is the ruler of being your own unique and authentic self – even if it is a bit weird and unusual. Being true to yourself and saying what you really think could be a manifestation of this Moon’s energy. A fantastic time for making a lot of small steps and new beginnings in the areas where you want to grow and be free.

Natural Zodiac Zone

Aquarius is the ruler of the Eleventh House in the Natural Zodiac. The Eleventh House is the house of friends, groups and associations. This is where you find people who are like you and share a common interest or values. Excellent for networking in your career or social life and represents connections with others that are not romantic or family based.

The Eleventh House is also the home of wishes and hopes for the future. It is where we can see where we want to be and where we are going. It rules the income we make from our business or career and also social media – especially when used for business or a cause. House Eleven also rules stepchildren and adopted children.

Typical Aquarius New Moon Events

1 Meeting and getting to know a new friend or social group.

2 Making plans for your future – including wishes and dreams.

3 Working for a cause – especially if it is related to social justice and equality.

4 Getting in touch with the real, authentic you.

Spiritual Practices for the Aquarius New Moon

To be done during the night of the Aquarius New Moon.

Attracting Your Tribe Ritual

Sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed.

Take three deep breaths to calm and centre yourself.

Now focus on the sort of friends you would like to attract to you. Think about what kinds of interests, values and personal qualities you admire and have yourself.

Hold your hand on your heart and feel the love and positive energy radiating from it.

Say in your mind or out loud “New friends, old friends, people who are my tribe, come to me and share my love and positive energy”.

As you do this imagine the warm, radiating energy from your heart travelling out into the world attracting people who are future friends and companions to you.

Take three deep breaths and relax

Rituals for any New Moon:

1 The New Moon is the best time for starting or launching new routines, diets, businesses, life phase – anything new that you want to last.

2 Write your intentions of what you would like to achieve or work on over the next four weeks of the Moon cycle. Use as a guide for focus during the month and check at the next New Moon how far you have come.

3 Declutter and let go of stuff you no longer need or have outgrown, creating space for new energy to come in.


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