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New Moon in Pisces 13 March 2021

Sign: Pisces

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Keyword: I Believe

Affirmation: I am filled with compassion and unconditional love

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. This New Moon happens in mystical and dreamy Pisces on 13 March 2021

What is the energy and focus for a Pisces New Moon?

The New Moon in Pisces is a time where you can make the first steps on your spiritual journey or enter a new phase. Your subconscious is ruled by Pisces as is your spirituality and the Moon’s influence is to unlock the inner world so as you can imagine this can be a powerful time for insight, intuition and psychic flashes.

For others this will be a period where you can become more compassionate or begin to act on your feelings of wanting to help others and the world. This can be very fulfilling in its own way even if the material rewards are few and far between. Opening your heart to the world and all who live in it is another manifestation of this New Moon’s energy.

Natural Zodiac Zone

The Twelfth House is the natural home for Pisces and its ruler Neptune. The Twelfth House rules retreating from the world into a quiet, peaceful, private space so that spiritual truth and growth can be found. The traditional form of this is the old monasteries and ashrams where people would leave behind the responsibilities and cares of worldly life and focus on their spirituality and faith. Today spiritual retreats are still popular, and you can create this in your own home by setting aside time and space to detach from the world and meditate, relax or perhaps read a spiritual book.

This is the zone of dreams and the subconscious so writing down your dreams or keeping a journal of your spiritual growth and journey are helpful ways to tap into your inner self. Another good way to use the energies of compassionate service and sacrifice is to volunteer or donate to charity or a cause.

Typical Pisces New Moon Events

1 Starting a new yoga or meditation practice for relaxation and enlightenment.

2 Donating to a worthy charity.

3 Helping someone in need – even if it is inconvenient or costs you in some way.

4 Starting to learn tarot, astrology or some other form of psychic practice.

Spiritual Practices for the Pisces New Moon

To be done during the night of the Pisces New Moon.

Creating a Sacred Space

This isn’t a ritual as such but it is something that will bring a bit of spirituality and Pisces energy into your home all year round.

Find a corner of your home (bedrooms are good and private for this) and clear a space for you to sit and put a small table or large box on the floor to use as an altar.

Cover this with a cloth of your choice – it can be as plain or fancy as you desire.

On this altar place things that have a spiritual or significant meaning for you. This can be photographs in frames, interesting pieces of stone or crystals, definitely a candle or two (or more!) feathers, coins, incense, and mementos of people or places that are special to you.

Spend a little while arranging the items into a display that you like on the altar. Follow your emotions and intuition with this.

Now light the incense and the candle and breath slowly and deeply and imagine a white light coming down and surrounding you and your altar.

When you are ready, blow out the candle and leave the incense.

You now have a sacred space at home for doing your meditations and rituals or just thinking and tapping into your intuition.

Rituals for any New Moon:

1 The New Moon is the best time for starting or launching new routines, diets, businesses, life phase – anything new that you want to last.

2 Write your intentions of what you would like to achieve or work on over the next four weeks of the Moon cycle. Use as a guide for focus during the month and check at the next New Moon how far you have come.

3 Declutter and let go of stuff you no longer need or have outgrown, creating space for new energy to come in.


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