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New Moon in Scorpio 15 November 2020

Sign: Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Element: Water

Keyword: Intensity

Affirmation: “I transform myself and others and am renewed”

The New Moon is a time of initiations and beginnings when we are given a chance to make a fresh start, let go and leave the past behind and plant the seeds of our next phase with clarity and intention. This New Moon happens in intense, sexy and dramatic Scorpio on 15 November 2020

What is the energy and focus for a Scorpio New Moon?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the most intense and transformative planet in the solar system. Great for letting go of things that hold you back, and for getting help from a counsellor or therapist if you need extra assistance. Fantastic for beating addictions of all kinds, including to people and unhealthy relationships.

This New Moon helps you to see things clearly and without emotion and for getting to the bottom of things – especially if there is dishonesty or manipulation involved. An excellent opportunity for changing something you don’t like about your life or yourself. One of the best times of all for having a de-clutter, detox or clean out.

Natural Zodiac Zone

Scorpio is the ruler of the Eighth House in the natural zodiac. This is the point in your chart which indicates sex, intimacy, passion and intensity. It also has a major influence on the values and money that you share with those closest to you – especially partners. This zone is where you find money arriving through inheritances, insurance payouts and rich spouses – it is all the money you don’t earn yourself.

The Eighth House is the zone of death and transformation, where the old you dies and the new you is born. Like the Phoenix, which is an emblem of this house, you can let go of the old and outworn and begin a new phase of creative energy and authenticity.

Typical Scorpio New Moon Events

1 Having a major de-clutter and clean out of your home and life in general

2 Giving up an unhealthy habit or addiction and feeling much more healthy

3 Beginning therapy or counselling to help you heal and let go of problems caused by the past

4 Starting a new, sexy and passionate love affair

Spiritual Practices for the Scorpio New Moon

To be done during the night of the Scorpio New Moon.

Cutting Cord Ritual

Sit in a comfortable position in a space where you wont be disturbed.

Take three deep breaths and every time you breath out feel the tension and thoughts of the day leave you.

Now, continuing to breath deeply, picture the person or addiction object you wish to be free from standing in front of you.

Think about all the reasons that you want this element in your life gone and the harm it has caused you.

Now picture a cord going from your solar plexus to the person/object in front of you. Picture a large pair of golden scissors in your hand and then cut the cord.

As you do so take a moment to think about the benefits and positives that have come and say thank you – even if it is just for the growth you have experienced from the pain.

Now repeat in your mind “I easily forgive myself and others. I lovingly forgive myself, and I am free. I allow myself to give and receive love freely”

Picture a healing green light coming down and filling your heart chakra with light.

Breath in this light for at least three breaths, feeling the empty space left by letting go fill with radiant, healing green light.

Relax and open your eyes

Rituals for any New Moon:

1 The New Moon is the best time for starting or launching new routines, diets, businesses, life phase – anything new that you want to last.

2 Write your intentions of what you would like to achieve or work on over the next four weeks

of the Moon cycle. Use as a guide for focus during the month and check at the next New Moon how far you have come.

3 De-clutter and let go of stuff you no longer need or have outgrown, creating space for new energy to come in.


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