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Psychic reading for February 2021

Welcome to my psychic reading for the coming month of February 2021. This reading is a general guide to this month’s energies and how to best use them, through the medium of a five card Tarot reading.

To do this I shuffle and spread the Tarot cards and place them in positions relating to the four elements of Earth. Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth card representing the spiritual essence of the month. Then using my intuition, knowledge and psychic abilities I interpret what these cards mean and give you the reading below.

Card 1. Earth money | work and career | security and stability | physical health | property and houses

King of Wands

This is a wonderful card for being creative, active and making your dreams come true. A great time for being with positive and energetic people who help you to feel more positive and able to achieve. Fantastic for taking a long-term view of things and making plans for the next five years or so and manifesting your desires. A great card for taking opportunities that may be a challenge but put you on a positive path in future

Card 2. Water emotions | relationships | friendships | family and homelife | moods and intuition

Three of Pentacles

The key phrase for this card is ‘the works’ making it excellent for anything you want to give the works to and manifest. A fantastic card for teamwork and collaboration with others, as you will be able to each use your skills to your best advantage and create big results. Great for sharing and pooling resources so that everyone has what they need.

Card 3. Air mind | thoughts | communication | stress and anxiety | messages and documents

The Fool

This card is excellent for taking a leap of faith and trusting that everything will work out for the best. Wonderful for fresh starts and beginning again, free from the worries and stress of the past. A reminder not to be too serious about everything and to make time for play and relaxation as a free spirit. Can herald the start of a whole new cycle of life and feeling reborn as your true self. Fantastic for being childish and silly.

Card 4. Fire spirituality | positive energy | creativity | psychic insights | inspiration and action.

Queen of Wands

This card is wonderful for being courageous and taking on the challenges and opportunities that come your way and making the most of them. A very high energy card, it brings the strength and willpower to make your dreams come true. Great for being independent and confident and doing what you need to do for you. A fantastic card for 'giving birth' to new projects and life phases as well as those people hoping for a child as this is one of the most fertile cards of all.

Card 5. Essence the overall spiritual energy and message for this month

Seven of Cups

This is the card of the dreamer, which is wonderful because we all need to dream and imagine future possibilities to help us grow. Excellent for taking time out in a bit of escapism, whether that is a good book, movie or meditating and daydreaming. The positives of this card are all about spiritual insight and seeing new possibilities, the negatives are confusion and deception - especially emotional. A great card for spiritual growth and for finding your true needs and desires.

I hope you find this psychic reading useful. If you would like to explore further or have your questions answered through a private email psychic or astrology reading with me, please go to for more information or to book and pay.

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