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Psychic reading for January 2021

Welcome to my psychic reading for the coming month of January 2021. This reading is a general guide to this month’s energies and how to best use them, through the medium of a five card Tarot reading.

To do this I shuffle and spread the Tarot cards and place them in positions relating to the four elements of Earth. Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth card representing the spiritual essence of the month. Then using my intuition, knowledge and psychic abilities I interpret what these cards mean and give you the reading below.

Card 1. Earth: Money, work and career, security and stability, physical health, property and houses

Eight of Cups

This card can represent dissatisfaction with your job, money and security, and possibly a feeling that there is more out there for you or that it could be easier with more abundance in your life. A message that if you feel there is something missing in your life than you are most likely to find it in your current life – you already have what you need, you just need to see it through fresh eyes.

Card 2. Water: Emotions, relationships, friendships, family and homelife, moods and intuition

The Magician

With this card you are a master of your emotions and have the ability and power to create happiness or sadness depending on your mindset. Used wisely the Magician enables you to use all of your skills and past experience in positive and creative ways. Emotionally this can be the power to choose how you respond to circumstances and stresses and gain mastery over your moods.

Card 3. Air: Mind, thoughts, communication, stress and anxiety, messages and documents

Ace of Cups

A very happy card, the Ace of Cups is a message that you will be able to express your emotions clearly and gain clear insight into the emotional component of your worries. Can represent a fresh start and a new beginning, possibly brought about by some very good news you have wanted to hear. A great card for conversations that result in a new relationship or deep commitment.

Card 4. Fire: Spirituality, positive energy, creativity, psychic insights, inspiration and action.

Wheel of Fortune

A card of major change and sometimes upheaval, the Wheel of Fortune indicates an event or stage in life where Fate steps in and your future gets on the right path. Spiritually this can represent a flash of insight and knowledge which changes the way you think and feel and may also alter some of your plans for the future (in a good way).

Card 5. Essence: The overall spiritual energy and message for this month

Ace of Pentacles

Very fitting for a New Year reading, the Ace of Pentacles heralds a new beginning in your world and physical reality. Money may be freeing up and starting to flow, while taking control of your health and body through a balanced diet and exercise will be successful. Represents spiritual and emotional seeds you are planting for the coming year and further into the future, that will create an abundant harvest for you.

I hope you find this psychic reading useful. If you would like to explore further or have your questions answered through a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to for more information or to book and pay.

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