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Psychic reading for July 2024

Psychic reading for July 2024

Find out what this month’s psychic reading has in store for you.

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Psychic reading for July 2024

Welcome to my psychic reading for the coming month of July 2024. This reading is a general guide to this month’s energies and how to best use them, through the medium of a five card Tarot reading.

To do this I shuffle and spread the Tarot cards and place them in positions relating to the four elements of Earth. Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth card representing the spiritual essence of the month. Then using my intuition, knowledge and psychic abilities I interpret what these cards mean and give you the reading below.


Card 1. Earth money | work and career | security and stability | physical health | property and houses

Page of Pentacles

This is a wonderful card for making a dream come true in the real world, especially if it is related to money, work or learning. Fantastic for starting a business or new job, it shows your energy and enthusiasm focused into practical success. Great for growth and expansion and acting on your ambitions and dreams, especially in ways that bring financial security and abundance. A reminder to 'Don't just dream it - Do it!'

Card 2. Water emotions | relationships | friendships | family and homelife | moods and intuition

Ten of Cups

Great for everything to do with the home and family - especially the warm emotions and love that is the heart of the home. One of the abundance cards it shows that you will feel true wealth within your emotions and relationships, and being on the same easy and flowing wavelength with your loved ones. Can represent a time where your dreams and emotional wishes are in alignment with your higher spiritual purpose.

Card 3. Air mind | thoughts | communication | stress and anxiety | messages and documents

Two of Pentacles

This card is superb for multi-tasking, juggling your responsibilities and staying on top of all the information and errands that you have to do. Great for managing your time and being organised - and a tremendous help in bringing balance into your life and daily routine. Fantastic for being adaptable and resourceful when things become unstable and for negotiating compromise between two or more influences.

Card 4. Fire spirituality | positive energy | creativity | psychic insights | inspiration and action.

Ace of Cups

This is a wonderful card for rebirth and renewal, healing, and fresh beginnings. Excellent for creativity and feeling inspired, it brings pleasure to all that you do and make and the emotional fulfillment from self-expression. One of the greatest cards of love, light and positive energy, it reminds us that love is all that really matters. A great card as it brings hope, love, and positive spiritual energy. 

Card 5. Essence the overall spiritual energy and message for this month


This is a wonderful card for all kinds of healing, physical, emotional and spiritual. Finding your path to wellness and health is indicated, as is feeling a sense of peace and harmony. A fantastic card for creating balance in all areas of life and being content. Great for finding compromises that work for everyone and for keeping your cool. Most of all this card is the best for finding a middle path that serves everyone’s needs.


I hope you find this psychic reading useful. If you would like a psychic or astrology reading, I offer accurate email psychic and astrology readings which give insight and guidance to empower and support you. I have over 30 years' experience helping people make positive choices, heal, be strong and lead happier, more fulfilling lives. Please go to for more information or to book and pay

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