• Sara

Psychic reading for May 2021

Welcome to my psychic reading for the coming month of May 2021. This reading is a general guide to this month’s energies and how to best use them, through the medium of a five card Tarot reading.

To do this I shuffle and spread the Tarot cards and place them in positions relating to the four elements of Earth. Water, Air and Fire, plus a fifth card representing the spiritual essence of the month. Then using my intuition, knowledge and psychic abilities I interpret what these cards mean and give you the reading below.

Card 1. Earth money | work and career | security and stability | physical health | property and houses

Ace of Pentacles

This is a fantastic card for manifestation and making your financial dreams come true. Wonderful for starting any new financial project, business or career, it represents planting the seeds of your future growth. A great card for unexpected windfalls and finding bargains, it is also the best card for starting savings plans or paying off debt. Can indicate an offer or opportunity for making money or establishing yourself with a home of your own or business.

Card 2. Water emotions | relationships | friendships | family and homelife | moods and intuition

Three of Wands

This is a wonderful card for making emotional progress and looking ahead to better times. It also aids you in turning your back on the past and powering ahead into a new and brighter, happier future. Excellent for maintaining integrity and right behaviour, expansion and moving in a positive direction, either through study, travel or just embracing change and looking at things from a more positive angle.

Card 3. Air mind | thoughts | communication | stress and anxiety | messages and documents

Nine of Swords

This card is associated with fear, anxiety, and the things that worry you and keep you up at night. Stress and intrusive thoughts about the past or someone who hurt you, as well as not feeling able to talk about it are all associated with the Nine of Swords. However, this card is also associated with recovery from all of these things and can represent a turning point and a stage where you feel able to confide and receive help.

Card 4. Fire spirituality | positive energy | creativity | psychic insights | inspiration and action.