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The Year Ahead 2021

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Aries Intense and transformative Pluto in your career zone can bring power struggles with authority, perhaps the very structure of your workplace will change, or you will strike out on your own in a new business. Friends and networking will be very beneficial throughout the year, with one friend in particular likely to open up a new world for you.

Love Friends and social networks are showing to be excellent matchmakers for single Aries, with July being the best time for finding new love. Loved up couples will find that August and September are very romantic and loving.

Money April and May are shaping up to be the best financial months for you, with October excellent for loans and investments.

Taurus You will need to feel free, as independent freedom loving Uranus is in your sign all year. It is all about finding the authentic you. Travel and seeking out the foreign and exotic are going to appeal to you very strongly – even if you don’t get to travel, meeting new people and enjoying new and unusual experiences will be very appealing.

Love The need for the freedom to be you and make the changes you feel are necessary may bring some conflict to established couples but talking things over during October and November will help. July and early August are the best times for singles.

Money Sudden changes during mid-June may bring some extra cash to you. Otherwise, the best financial luck is during May and October.

Gemini There are three Eclipses affecting Gemini and your relationships this year so there is likely to be some major steps forwards or complete upheaval in your love life and identity. Don’t commit to anything until you are completely sure. Your career will get a boost between May and the end of July with good luck helping you to succeed.

Love Eclipses in May and December will impact on your relationship zone, for some this will mean uniting with their soul mate or life partner. Major changes will come to you through your relationships with others, with October and August highlighted for love.

Money A good year for establishing long term investments and financial goals, keep your eyes impulse buys that add up. June and November onwards are the best times.

Cancer This is a year where you can have better emotional contact with others, resolve past problems and clear up lingering issues. Being kinder to yourself, especially when it comes to taking care of your body is a major lesson for this year. A fantastic year for investing, superannuation and inheritances.

Love Leave the past behind you as it will just poison the present, instead treat it as a learning experience and look towards the future. Best times for singles are Mid-September and October while November through to the end of the year is highlighted for couples.

Money Investments are highlighted as are inheritances and insurance payouts this year. The best money times are February and July

Leo Your personal relationships with friends and loved ones are highlighted throughout the coming year. You are likely to either become deeply committed and more stable than ever, or you could find yourself thinking it just isn’t worth the bother anymore and end it. The one thing you won’t do is just let things carry on as they have in the past.

Love This is a very big year for all those people in long term relationships, Serious and committed Saturn is in your relationship Zone all year making marriage and settling down seem very appealing – best times February, while for singles April and early May.

Money This is not a good time for investments or making long term financial plans as things may be unclear or not what they seem. Best times Late July and early August.

Virgo The Solar Eclipse in your career zone in June could bring a new beginning and major advancement to your career and reputation. Any health issues that have been troubling you for the last couple of years are likely to be resolved or eased as the pressure on this area goes away.

Love Someone from a different culture may seem very appealing this year, make sure they are all that they seem, as dreamy intoxicating Neptune in your relationship zone can be deceptive. Best times for couples are March and for singles November and December.

Money Good luck and rewards from your work could bring a pay-rise or bonus. Best time for money August and early September, with March best for investments.

Libra All Libran folk will have a boosted social life this year, with plenty of gatherings and outings as well as romance in store. Just make sure you don’t over-indulge as you will be tempted to have more of a good time than is healthy for you! For those hoping to have a baby, this is likely to be the year where your family grows.

Love This is a fantastic year for singles and those who want to have fun, although some may find that the desire to make things official grows stronger as the year progresses. Best time for meeting new loves is during February while for couples, March and April will bring happiness and romance.

Money This should be a quiet year for you financially with no major upheavals indicated. Best times September and October and for investments April and May.

Scorpio This is a great time for all family and home matters. If you choose to sell or move home this year you are likely to do well out of it financially, and if you are looking for your dream forever home this is a good time for making the move. Something important may come to an end opening up new opportunities.

Love You have the freedom loving and erratic planet Uranus in your relationship zone this year, so you may find that allowing each other space and letting go of rigid ideas and being open will benefit you. Best time for singles is March and April and May for couples.

Money Be cautious of shared investments and financial partnerships this year as things may not go as planned. Best times for money are during May and October.

Sagittarius You may feel the urge to escape from the daily routine and responsibilities and find yourself through what is unknown and different this year. Changes at work – including a change of career path or starting your own business are possible. Alternative and natural therapies may help with resolving long term health issues.

Love A Solar Eclipse in your relationship zone in June may bring a new destined love or make you commit more deeply to the person you are with. The best times for singles finding love are March and April with couples becoming closer during May and early June.

Money Avoid getting into power struggles over money or resources with others, as it is likely to drag on for a long time. Best times are November and December.

Capricorn Although Jupiter and Saturn have left your sign, making this year a lot quieter, you will still have the intense power of Pluto working through Capricorn all year. Letting go and moving on from the past, transforming pain into growth and undergoing some kind of rebirth are all likely. Remember to lighten up and enjoy yourself as well.

Love Free-wheeling and eccentric Uranus in your romance zone will bring plenty of excitement and new adventures to single Capricorns, with April and early may being the best times for finding love. Couples will find love and bliss in June and July.

Money Abundant Jupiter will bring luck to your finances all year – as long as you don’t get too extravagant, with February highlighted and July best for investments.

Aquarius This is a lucky year for Aquarians, as Jupiter, planet of luck and abundance is in your sign until April, then it moves into your money sector bringing growth and expansion to your finances. Don’t let it slip away on little treats or extravagance as it will soon disappear. A great time for getting organised and structured with your lifestyle.

Love You are likely to be in the mood for serious relationships that last rather than fun and flirting this year, with new relationships highlighted during May. Established relationships are under great planetary energies during late June and July.

Money Discipline and self- control will help your finances, while your best times for money are during May and late July and also during late February and March.

Pisces The abundant good luck planet Jupiter will make a brief stay in your sign during May through to the end of July. This will bring a happy time for you and one where you will be feeling more optimistic about life and your future. Avoid behind the scenes or secret matters this year as you are likely to end up in the firing line.

Love Confusion and unrealistic dreams may cause you some problems so be practical. Single Pisces’ best love luck is during June when Venus moves into your romance zone. Couples will blossom during late July and August, with communication and love highlighted then.

Money The best money flow times are during March and April, with investments highlighted during August and September.

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