• Sara

The Year Ahead 2022

Find out what the stars have in store for you during 2022.

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Aries Jupiter, the planet of good luck, growth and abundance is travelling through your sign from May through to October. This is the first time in almost twelve years, making this one of your luckiest years ever. The opportunity to pursue your dreams or a long-desired passion – especially if it is related to travel, learning or abundance. Quieter, more reflective times at the beginning and end of the year will give you the chance to boost your spirituality and peace of mind.

Love For some Aries, this year could see a passionate awakening of your intimate life – whether you are in a relationship or not. Relationships which have become stale or passionless will either move out of your life, or alternatively, with good communication and making the first move, you can re-ignite the spark between you which brings an emotional and intimate rebirth to you both.

Money You will have four eclipses in May, October, and November across your financial houses, plus the effect of unpredictable and change-making Uranus will continue all year as it has done for over two years already. Many changes, opportunities and a new mindset about money and wealth are likely.

Taurus Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and unusual is continuing through your sign all year – so embrace change and be flexible and open to new opportunities – especially those that come from out of the blue. Looking at things from a new perspective may help free you free you from old, outdated ideas and expectations. Four eclipses occur across your self/relationship axis during May and October/November, making all of your dealings with others a personal growth experience that helps you to find and be the real authentic you.

Love Relationships and partnerships of all kinds, but especially your closest emotional bonds, will be very significant this year. You may be presented with opportunities to let go of old, emotional baggage and release karmic ties and burdens. For some this will be a year where they meet one of their major soulmates and embark on a whole new way of life and possibly location as a result.

Money Action-packed Mars moves into your finance zone during August bringing the oomph to really go for it where your money dreams are concerned. You will not be afraid to work for what you want, but a retrograde phase from October 30 to January next year may require you to go back and tie up loose ends.

Gemini This is a very spiritual year and one where most of the changes will come from within. You may not feel as much like being your usual social butterfly self, but instead will find a lot of peace and tranquillity away from the noise and rushing of daily life. Your health is under the focus, and you may find that mid-May and late October are times where you can make a fresh start with your health daily routines and replacing bad habits with good ones. Try to stay grounded and be very cautious about alcohol and other drugs – especially if you are taking prescribed medication.

Love There is the possibility of meeting a new love interest or partner through work or your professional life. People who are ambitious and forward thinking will appeal to many Geminis this year. Intense and passionate Pluto in your intimacy zone can create some very sizzling times for some couples, while for others this year can bring the chance to let go of past abuse or hurt where sex is concerned. Late August until the end of October are the best times for singles finding love.

Money Over the last few years you may have been learning some valuable if difficult lessons about money and power. Debt and financial stress can teach how to be wise in future and also financially abusive relationships with anyone will have to go. Others may experience a dramatic change for the better.

Cancer This is a wonderful year for you to work towards your dreams and hopes for the future and reach out to old friends and new groups to enhance your life and bring happiness. Good luck planet Jupiter spending most of the year in your career zone will assist those who either own their own business or who are looking to climb the career ladder. Hobbies and creative activities will be especially positive ways for you to relax and also express yourself and your feelings. The beginning and end of the year are very spiritual times which will open up new ways of seeing things.

Love You have intense and transformative Pluto continuing its journey through your relationship zone all year, which can make you feel jealous and insecure at times but will also allow you to let go of old baggage and wrong ideas about how relationships can be. Four eclipses along your friendship and romance zones in May and October/November could bring love to singles.

Money You have wonderful stars for increasing the profits and income from your business or career all year, which will provide a handy boost to your finances. Long term slow and steady plans are best for you this year and being disciplined about putting any extra money towards your future growth and security by paying off debt and saving/investing as much as you can spare.

Leo Your career is highlighted by the eclipses during May and October/November, possibly indicating retirement, beginning a new career, or making a complete change of path and possibly location. Being able to make one of your career or public reputation goals happen is a distinct possibility with awards and recognition coming to you. For others this will be a year where their family dreams come true, possibly the addition of new members, possibly you will finally be able to buy the home of your dreams. Avoid being too stubborn with others as compromise is where the gold is.

Love Serious and stable Saturn is in your relationship zone again this year, making you decide whether to commit fully and give it everything, or to cut your losses and walk away. Look to the facts of what is, not how things could be in order to make the right choice. Your home life will be very important and someone who is domestic and wants to share a home with you will be very attractive to single Leos.

Money This is a pretty bad year for lending or borrowing money – and you would be best advised sticking with very conventional and safe investments rather than anything which is risky or unclear. You have much better financial stars before May and after October when luck is on your side.

Virgo You have serious Saturn in your work and daily routine zone for another year. This may make you feel restricted and weighed down by your responsibilities and just the daily grind if you are trying to balance too much at once. However, the benefits will come from sticking it out and perhaps being more structured with your routine – discipline is the way forward here. Your neighbourhood or community will be important – you may find what you are looking for right around the corner. Or you could move to an area which suits you and your lifestyle much better.

Love Dreamy and spiritual Neptune is in your relationship zone all year. The only bad side to this is that you will be more open to being deceived or confused by love. Good luck planet Jupiter will be joining Neptune at the beginning and end of the year, making your relationships happy and abundant. Singles will have love planet Venus spreading her magic from the beginning of the year until March making this the best time for looking for new love and romance.

Money You have some excellent stars for long term investments and for reaping the rewards of past efforts or just good luck. This will happen most between May and October, especially if you have shared money or assets. Rethinking your budget and spending in view of new goals will be helpful in September.

Libra This is a year where your focus will be on other people and your relationships with them, both romantic and personal and also friendships and business too. Your values and what is important to you as a person may be tested or made stronger. Standing up for what you believe in will be important and may end up shaping your friendship group as well. You will have good luck with shared projects and plans - much better than you would do on your own in fact. Keep an eye on your health at the beginning and end of the year as you may become run down.