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Weekly Psychic Reading: The Hermit

The Hermit

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The Hermit Tarot card is a symbol of solitude, inner guidance, and the quest for self-discovery. The Hermit card is closely aligned with the zodiac sign Virgo, representing introspection, analysis, and a quest for perfection. It embodies the element of Earth, symbolizing stability and practicality. The number 9 signifies spiritual growth and attainment, emphasizing the card's themes of solitude and inner wisdom. It represents a period of introspection and seeking inner guidance. When The Hermit graces your Tarot reading, it signifies a time of withdrawal from the external world to explore your inner self. It's a call to embrace solitude and the wisdom that arises from deep introspection.


On a spiritual level, The Hermit card encourages you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner wisdom. It signifies a time of spiritual enlightenment, where you seek answers within and connect with your higher self.


In matters of the heart, The Hermit may suggest a need for solitude or introspection within your relationship. It can signify a period of self-reflection and seeking answers about your emotional needs. For singles, it encourages self-discovery before seeking a new connection.

Work and Career

When The Hermit appears in a career reading, it indicates a period of deep analysis and introspection in your professional life. It may suggest a need to step back and assess your goals or seek guidance from within. This card also underscores the importance of practicality and wisdom in your work.


In the reversed position, The Hermit may suggest a reluctance to seek solitude or a fear of introspection. It could indicate a need to balance your inner journey with external responsibilities. In love, it might imply communication issues or avoiding self-reflection, while in career matters, it may signal a lack of focus or guidance.

Past, Present, and Future

Past: In the past, The Hermit card suggests that you have a history of seeking solitude or introspection, which has influenced your current situation. Past experiences have shaped your ability to connect with your inner wisdom.

Present: When The Hermit appears in the present, it signifies that you are currently in a phase of introspection and seeking inner guidance. It's a time to trust your inner wisdom and explore your inner world.

Future: In the future position, The Hermit foretells a period of continued self-discovery and spiritual growth. You will rely on your inner wisdom to navigate upcoming challenges.

In conclusion, The Hermit Tarot card invites you to embrace solitude, introspection, and the quest for inner wisdom. Whether he appears in matters of spirituality, love, or career, he reminds you that you possess the wisdom to find answers within yourself. Like the solitary figure in the card, embrace the power of introspection and connect with your inner guidance. Trust in your ability to find enlightenment and navigate the path of self-discovery on your unique spiritual and life journey.



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