• Sara

Your Weekly Stars 3 August 2020

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Aries An excellent week for family and the home. Some good news may come about a family member who has been a worry and you will be able to relax again. Chatty communicator Mercury is moving into your creativity zone on Wednesday, making this a wonderful time to put your thoughts down on paper.

Taurus You may be feeling a little irritated at times this week, but it is likely to stay bubbling away under the surface unless someone does something that is just too much. Your work and career life is looking good as your efforts over the last six months starting to bring rewards and benefits

Gemini This is a great week for you financially. The last few months may have been a case of one step forward and two steps backwards, but now the energy is flowing again and you should be able to make progress in your ambitions and goals. Try to meet others halfway when discussing future plans.

Cancer Loving, romantic and beautiful Venus moves into your sign on Friday, bringing pleasure, happiness and love to your life. A fantastic week for enjoying the finer things in life that make you happy and contented. Some financial news may arrive that requires you to make a few changes.

Leo The Full Moon will bless your relationship zone on Tuesday morning bringing with her extra sensitivity and emotion to deal with difficulties or stress. Your powers of collaboration and persuasion will be boosted over the next few weeks as the big communicator Mercury moves into your sign.

Virgo This is a wonderful week for making new friends and spending time with old ones. You will find it easier to meet people on your wavelength and who you feel comfortable with without shyness or insecurity. Think twice before asking someone to confide in you – it may be a difficult secret to keep.

Libra Peace and harmony will be an important focus for you throughout this week, especially in your personal and romantic relationships. You might be tempted to put something off, waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to get started, but making a start right now as you are will bring the best results.

Scorpio Work will be very busy and demanding all week, leaving you exhausted by Friday evening. Bosses could be more short-tempered than usual as everyone seems to be under pressure to perform. Make the weekend count by relaxing at home or catching up with friends and family.

Sagittarius You will need to keep an eye on your spending this week, especially if you are tempted to splash out on others. You should be feeling optimistic about money but don’t be reckless or wasteful as you may need it later. Putting your money into savings or investments is much better.