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Your Weekly Stars 10 August 2020

Find out what the stars have in store for you this week. I am on leave until Thursday and will be available for readings after then

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Aries There may be some friction mid-week, especially if you bump heads with someone in authority who is being unreasonable. However, by the weekend things should be running a lot smoother, giving you the opportunity to push ahead with a project or just get on top of things.

Taurus You may need to take a step back and reconsider some of your plans for the future this week. Change is around your sign and this could require some adjustments and compromises to keep things balanced. You should be able to make some kind of fresh start over the weekend- especially with family.

Gemini A chance meeting, message or call from someone helpful could see an opportunity for something you have wanted for some time. Accept any gifts or good luck gracefully and don’t let feelings of low self-worth stop you from really enjoying or appreciating your good fortune.

Cancer There is a lot of positive energy around your working life this week, especially if you have been working hard and making sacrifices to help things run smoothly. This may lead to a promotion or pay rise for some – but all Cancerians should have good money luck and a bit extra over the coming week.

Leo A very energized and action-packed week for you as active Mars makes a strong connection with the Sun in your sign. A great time for catching up on odd jobs around the house or for taking on a physical challenge – especially with friends or extended family. Be open to new career opportunities.

Virgo The message for this week is that if at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying. Some initial setbacks may make you feel a bit down in the dumps early in the week, but you should be able to find a new way of doing things which will bring you the results you want and hope for – especially in love.

Libra Try to avoid arguments with your partner this week – especially about home and family matters. Compromise and possibly the insight of a friend will help you to see a healthy and positive way forward. Not a good time for lending money or for taking on loans, investment payments or other debts.

Scorpio You may feel impatient and frustrated with your loved on this week, especially if they don’t seem to be able to settle on one plan or idea, but chop and change too much instead. Your career and working life are looking extremely positive -especially if you have been putting in extra work lately.

Sagittarius This is a good week for you financially as you will be able to attract the things you value most to you. It may be wiser to keep your thoughts to yourself as you may be misunderstood. Wait until next week to have deep and meaningful discussions or signing important documents.

Capricorn Try to let go and let family members find their own way as you may be tempted to push your own needs and wants onto them – which they aren’t going to like, especially if they are young. An excellent week for signing legal documents, especially if they are related to finance or property.

Aquarius You have a lot of planetary energy in your relationship zone this week, some of it easy, some of it a bit more stressful. Try to find compromises that can enable you both to get most of what you need and keep each other happy too. The weekend will bring some fun and passionate times.

Pisces This is not a good time for getting into any financial arrangement with friends – including lending money or taking out loans with others. It may be that circumstances will change shortly and what seems like a good idea now may not be so great in a few months’ time, so allow yourself some wriggle room.


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