• Sara

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 10 February 2020

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Aries Loving and romantic Venus is in your sign this week, spreading her charm throughout your world. You may have to play the peacemaker between two people who have fallen out and are causing drama, just help them to focus on their common ground and you will be fine.

Taurus Unpredictable and rebellious Uranus continues to travel through your sign bringing lots of energy for change – especially if the change allows you to be free and independent. A secret crush may lighten your mood and give you lovely daydreams, but don’t try to make it really happen.

Gemini Sunday will bring an end to friction between you and a significant other as fiery Mars leaves your relationship zone. A great week for spending time with friends and people who are on your wavelength – singles may find a new love interest through a group of friends.

Cancer This week is great for your career but not so good for your relationships. At work and in your public reputation things will be going really well, with the possibility of a successful job interview or promotion. In love, now is a good time for biting your tongue and staying calm.

Leo There is a lot of positive energy and warmth coming to you through your relationships with others this week. A good time for working with others to reach your shared goals and for establishing a happy and harmonious personal relationship. Your career may change.

Virgo A great week for investments, loan applications and for some a windfall of unearned money such as an inheritance or insurance payout. Shared finances are also positive. Talking to others who you trust and are expert will help you through a tricky situation mid-week.