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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 13 April 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries This is one of the best times for your sign to share your mind and ideas. If you have ever thought about writing about your life experiences or something you are passionate about, now is a great time to start. There are also good energies for signing important documents.

Taurus You may feel like having some quiet down time this week – especially over the weekend. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you at both a physical and psychological level. Trying meditation and relaxation is likely to have good results right now.

Gemini Children seem to be playing a big role this week – it looks like fun! There may even be good news coming which will bring a lot of happiness. Health issues may be improved through natural means – like improving your diet and exercise or cutting out allergy causing foods etc.

Cancer Your career zone is looking fantastic this week, with good luck and success indicated although it may come in a roundabout or unusual way. Take time to celebrate, although it seems you will also have to work harder and take more responsibility as a result. Finances look healthy.

Leo There is a lot of energy and action in your relationship zone this month. You will need to be sensitive to your partner’s feelings and needs, as it is showing that you have a learning experience through others in your stars. Money will flow in but unfortunately flow out again just as quickly.

Virgo There is a lot going on in your daily life and work routine. It may be that you are very busy or just that you have to keep on top of several different projects at once. Not the best time for starting major health and fitness resolutions, in a few weeks will be much better. Romance is happy and peaceful.

Libra This is a big week for your home and family life, most of it will be good, but there may be times when you wish you could get away from it all. Catching up (online) with the extended family will be enjoyable, but just snuggling in front of the TV or reading will be pretty good too!

Scorpio Inner restlessness and discontent may push you to make some major changes - which is wonderful if you are in a rut, just don’t get carried away and throw out the good as well as the bad. You will get a break from your usual work routine to collaborate or work on something new.

Sagittarius This week is very good for romance, especially if you are single or if your established relationship is feeling a bit dull. New energy is coming into your life, possibly through a series of events that bring change but also work to free you. Unexpected money and small wins are likely.

Capricorn You may benefit through the generosity of a friend or loved one this week. It seems that something good is coming your way financially and it is likely to be due to someone else. This will be a happy week for relationships as you will be able to really enjoy each other ‘s company.

Aquarius You will need to take a deep breath and count to ten a few times this week. It seems that life is going to be very busy and the rush and pressure may make you snap or be irritable with your loved ones. Let them know you care by making it up on the weekend when you are more relaxed.

Pisces Money matters are highlighted this week. Making a budget will help you to save for something you have always wanted or will get you out of debt, either way it is time to take control of your spending. Your love life has many happy planetary influences right now, so take a chance.


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