• Sara

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 16 March 2020

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Aries This is a time for following your own star and being true to your ideas and hopes. Other people may not understand just yet, but that doesn’t mean that you are wrong or that they wont change their mind in future. Expect some good news, there may even be a happy but unexpected surprise.

Taurus The next couple of years will bring you the opportunity to build your career, take on more responsibility or move up a level. Hard work and discipline is the key and being reliable could make all the difference. Friendships and networks will be very rewarding and pleasurable.

Gemini Your career zone is looking fantastic this week, with good luck and happy times with colleagues indicated. Some good news about your job will be a cause for major celebrations on the weekend, although it seems you will also have to work harder and take more responsibility as a result.

Cancer The focus for this week is on expansion and the unfoldment of what you have already started. Remember to be grateful for what you have already rather than yearning for what is yet to come. Celebrate the little victories and they will give you the strength if things are not going so well.

Leo You may feel pressured to make a commitment that you are not really ready for this week. It may work out for the best, but if you can get some breathing space to think things through it will be a lot less stressful for you. Romantically your mind may be wandering from daydream to reality.

Virgo Venus planet of love and romance is moving into your relationship zone on Monday bringing a month long planetary boost to all of your dealings with others. You have great stars for looking towards the future, especially where investments and long term finances are concerned.

Libra Your life and routine appear to be taking a change for the better due to some unexpected luck or twist of fate this week. This lucky change may come from being in the right place at the right time, also the efforts and sacrifices you have made in the past will be rewarded very shortly.

Scorpio This is a great week for spending time with friends and lovers and enjoying the good things in life. Your social life will be hectic but fun, so accept all invitations and make sure you look your best. Putting money in an investment is the best way to take advantage of your current financial luck.

Sagittarius There will be a lot of noise and information coming in this week but not much of it making sense or being what you want to hear anyway. You really need some time away from work and problem people so you can soothe your nerves and restore your inner strength.

Capricorn A big weight will lift from you this week as energies change from serious to driven and energetic. Your finances will come under the influence of Saturn, planet of Karma, so you will begin to reap what you have sown financially – good news if you have been responsible and cautious.

Aquarius Serious and structured Saturn moves into your sign for the first time in 28 years on Sunday. This brings a two and a half year phase of becoming committed and disciplined about your life and for your past actions and achievements to bring their rewards or consequences.

Pisces This is a very positive time for love and romance as Venus, planet of love and beauty moves into your sign on Monday. A serious relationship or deep attraction may start, or you could enjoy the attentions of an admirer or two. Established relationships will feel very happy and peaceful.