• Sara

Your Stars for the Week Beginning 19 August 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au

Aries Much of the focus this week will be on your work and daily life. There are some changes needed, but rather than having a big overhaul, the key is to establish a new routine and make small changes you can stick with. This is an excellent time for starting healthy eating and exercise programs.

Taurus A wonderful week for love and romance as Mars and Venus combine in your romance and fun zone. New love interests will feel very in tune with each other leading some to wonder if they have met ‘The One’. You may find that starting a new fitness program will help you to keep on top of the day.

Gemini There is a lot to be said for staying quiet and listening to others rather than giving your opinion just yet. It seems that there is more information to come out – especially at work- and you will come off a lot better if you just wait for a while. Long term relationships may get a new lease on life.

Cancer Communicating with others and building up networks is highlighted this week. This means that everything from the local school community to career building will all be improved by making contact with new people. Use your intuition when dealing with someone - they may be calling for help.

Leo This week is all about walking the walk after a few weeks of ideas and talking. Taking control of your bills and finances will take a big weight off your mind, especially if you are doing your tax at the same time. Love and relationships will become closer through shared values.

Virgo This should be a happy week as Venus, planet of love, beauty and pleasure is moving into your sign on Wednesday. Enjoy the positive energy by sharing time with the ones you love and making yourself feel beautiful with a pamper session. Think things through carefully before making a big decision.

Libra You really need to put things in perspective before making decisions this week, especially where love and relationships are concerned. Look at what your own needs and priorities are before committing to a new path. Some quiet time at home will help to clear your mind and soothe your spirits.

Scorpio Wednesday may bring some good news and progress in your daily routine and career. This will be positive overall and may even set you on a path for future success. Make the most of an opportunity to clear the air and put the past behind you with your partner or someone you love.

Sagittarius This is going to be a hectic week with lots of small trips, errands and visiting on the cards. Keeping up with all your obligations wont leave much time for fun and parties, but take a break when you can. Your brothers or sisters may play a more important role in your life than usual.

Capricorn Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned this week, you will still be able to achieve a great deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to have a long-term view – you are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, just don’t beat yourself up over it. Your love life will be passionate and exciting.

Aquarius You may feel caught between the pressures of career and home this week, or perhaps a family member is causing your public reputation a bit of trouble. If at all possible, try to talk things over and find a balance or compromise which can keep things functioning more smoothly.

Pisces There is a heavy focus on your most personal relationships this week. Passionate Mars and loving Venus unite in your relationship zone on Saturday, generally making your love life the centre of the universe. Set aside some quality time for two and soak up all the loving, sizzling vibes.