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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 21 October 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries This week brings the opportunity to make some serious plans about your future investments and wealth. Superannuation, property or just a savings account are all good options, although make sure that your relationship is rock solid before thinking about investing in a shared venture. Work will be busy but enjoyable.

Taurus An excellent week for long term relationships as feelings will be running high and full of love. This is not a good week for going it alone, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or to just invite a new friend for a coffee. There are very positive energies for making deep changes.

Gemini Your week and relationships will be much easier if you can listen to what others are saying to you instead of rushing to stick to your guns and being stubborn. Compromise and negotiation will create a lasting solution in your home and family life, even if you have to let go of some of your more fixed ideas.

Cancer This is a good time for making new budgets and savings plans, but less wonderful for taking out credit cards and debts. You may be feeling a conflict between your work and home life, with many different demands on you. Focus on your home and family as this is where the heart is.

Leo This is a great week for practical action and keeping your feet on the ground – no matter what life throws at you. If in doubt, look for the most logical and practical solution – it will be the one that gets the right results. Beware of stories which sound unbelievable – your doubts will prove to be true.

Virgo This is a great week for all matters of the mind and communication. Making decisions about a situation will bring clarity and end confusion. Creating to-do lists will help you keep track of the various jobs you have to do. A family get together with brothers or sisters is on the cards for some.

Libra This is a good week for you financially as you will be able to attract the things you value most to you. It may be wiser to keep your thoughts to yourself on Saturday as you may be misunderstood or what you are thinking about is a fear that might not ever happen. A new admirer may bring a smile.

Scorpio A new romance may make single Scorpios feel happier than they have been for a long time. There may be something transforming or healing about this relationship, it wont feel casual – it is deep and intense. Established relationships can get rid of baggage from the past and feel renewed.

Sagittarius This is a great week for making new friends or maybe having an old friend turn into a new lover. This is not a time for being a hermit or going it alone, so reach out to others and accept invitations even if you feel a bit shy. Getting involved in a community group could be rewarding and enjoyable.

Capricorn You may feel you are being held back or restricted by others this week. Stay true to what you want and need, even if you have to fight for it. This may bring criticism from a well-meaning friend because they don’t understand the complete story, if you explain things they will back you all the way.

Aquarius This is a great week for your career and reputation. You may get to see the results of something you have been working towards really start to pay off this week, either in your home or working life. Don’t get involved in other people’s problems if you can help it, they need to learn to sort it out themselves.

Pisces Some Pisces in long term relationships may find themselves longing for a bit more romance or the excitement of new love. Pleasant day-dreams about a certain someone may help the day pass, but the advice is don’t put too much energy into it as they are really unsuitable for your life.


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