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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 23 December 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries Even if you are on leave from work, your stars for business, career and public standing are booming this week. A fantastic time for making plans for new projects or a new job, while for some you may receive a lot of praise for your efforts making Christmas happy for everyone

Taurus Friends will play a major role this week and will bring a lot of excitement, even if you are doing the family thing on Christmas day. If you are younger, remember to look out for your friends when out partying, as it seems that one of them could run into trouble if left to take care of themselves.

Gemini Its all about money and how you spend it this week. With your present stars you could save heaps of money if you take the time to shop around and hunt for the biggest bargains - especially when buying last minute Christmas presents. Avoid impulse shopping as you will end up hating what you have bought.

Cancer Your relationship zone is bursting with planets and so all the action this week will be in your relationships with other people. The eclipse on Thursday will give you the opportunity to make a fresh start with someone dear, especially if things have been distant or difficult lately.

Leo Amorous Venus in your romance zone will bring love affairs and fun nights into your life. A new lover may bring out a side of you that had been hidden for a long time, making you feel very happy. Watch out for someone who is always nice to your face, but who seems to cause you trouble.

Virgo This is a truly wonderful week for being out and about and meeting people. Love, friendship and a possible change of direction in life are all possible. Children may be a big focus for some, with a new baby on the way or just spending a lot of time with the little ones in your family.

Libra Your family and home are the zone where all the action is happening this week. You may make some New Year’s resolutions on Thursday as you make decisions about the year ahead and what you are going to end and what you will make a fresh start on. Try to find time to relax and unwind.

Scorpio Communication issues will improve with others if you can keep your cool and allow other people their say, especially when it comes to future plans. A wonderful week for having big ideas and finding solutions to problems – anything new and fresh will be very appealing to everyone.

Sagittarius Looking towards the future and making plans for your financial wellbeing is a good way to use the planetary energies of this week. Even if the spending blitz of Christmas has you feeling a bit short you can still make plans. Small changes you make now will add up to a better outcome in future.

Capricorn Four planets and a solar eclipse are in your sign this week, and on Sunday Mercury moves in also – so it is an action-packed week which is likely to have some long term results. Although it is Xmas, this is a wonderful time for starting anything new – especially if it is a personal ambition or wish.

Aquarius A long simmering attraction may start to heat up into something more substantial this week. Work and money matters are looking up at the moment, so don’t forget to make the most of your opportunities and use office Christmas parties to network and make contacts.

Pisces Although you aren’t always the most social of signs, you are going to love the next few weeks! Your zone of friendship and groups is currently lit up like a Christmas tree. So if you want to join a group or club, or just make some new friends now is the time to act. Financially, don’t trust your hunches, go for solid facts.


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