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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 23 March 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.aufor more information or to book and pay. While you are there you can sign up free to my mailing list and receive a horoscope each week direct to your inbox and a Welcome Bundle of goodies.

Aries The New Moon in your sign on Tuesday brings a sense of being able to start over and make a fresh start. This is particularly good for those people who have slipped back into bad habits to get back on track with their diet or quitting smoking. It may also signal a new beginning in your love life.

Taurus Your personal values may be put to the test this week, but it seems that you will stand firm for what you believe in and time will prove you are right. Around mid-week money matters will raise their head, make some sensible decisions about your budget that will give you more security.

Gemini This week is all about walking the walk after a few weeks of ideas and talking. Taking control of your bills and finances will take a big weight off your mind. It may be easier for you to sleep and relax after Monday when the planets give your mind and senses a break.

Cancer This is a big week for your love life, whether you are single or happily coupled up. There are strong energies for commitment and being very serious with a hit of Pluto intensity and transformation. This may see an engagement announced or perhaps moving in together.

Leo This is a good time for making progress in your career or public standing. Charm and action will win the day - just make sure that you are not taking on more than you can manage as this may cause stress later. Unexpected news could change your mind about something or someone.

Virgo There may be times when you feel as though you are going over old territory again, which if it is a mistake or problem from the past which is being brought up you may be truly sick of it. Don’t get caught up in guilt, common-sense and practical action are what will help most right now.

Libra Your relationships come under the influence of the New Moon this Tuesday. This can bring a fresh start to an existing relationship or can see a new one beginning around this time. It is especially good for taking things to the next level, either in work or love. Try to avoid conflict.

Scorpio Time for a fresh start in your relationships, perhaps with a new lover, perhaps by renewing the passion between you and an existing partner, depending on whether you are single or not. Try to put the past behind you and move on, particularly if the other person has sincerely apologised.

Sagittarius A good week for money with good news coming to some at last. It may be that something you have wanted for a long time is finally within reach, or you have paid off a debt and are feeling free. Don’t get led down an old negative path by a friend, you have moved on now.

Capricorn Your life and home may feel like it is full of junk and other people’s mess, making you feel cranky and overwhelmed. The stars are excellent for a good clean out of all the things that drag you down and clutter up your world. Be strict and ruthless and prepared to let go.

Aquarius Try not to be so serious and concerned about the future that you forget to enjoy what is good about your present. Having said that, the decisions you make this week may have some very long reaching consequences, just don’t forget what makes you happy while you decide.

Pisces The best advice for this week is to just stay true to yourself and keep your mind on your own plans and needs. It seems that there is a lot of change around you at the moment which is out of your control. Focus on the things which you can fix yourself and leave the rest to fate.


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