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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 24 February 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.aufor more information or to book and pay. While you are there you can sign up free to my mailing list and receive a horoscope each week direct to your inbox and a Welcome Bundle of goodies.

Aries Romance is in the air and if you are single there are good stars for starting a new and exciting relationship. Even if you don’t meet ‘the one’ your social life will bloom. It is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Career-wise you need to get organised and plan things out.

Taurus Things may be feeling a bit unsettled and unpredictable in life at the moment. Maybe a need for new experiences and excitement is making things feel so dull and restless. Going outside your comfort zone and making the effort to break out of the day to day routine will help you feel alive.

Gemini There is a strong need for you to communicate clearly and honestly with others this week. Be clear about what it is you really want, especially where your heart is concerned. Your relationships with co-workers will be much easier however, with all work matters looking positive.

Cancer You may get some good news about your work or a new job that will mean more money or professional credibility for you this week. A romantic interest may have some news, or you may hear some interesting information about them. You will be very busy but will get a lot accomplished.

Leo In the eyes of the world it may seem that you are lucky and have everything you want, but during this week it is likely that you will start seriously thinking about what is missing from your life and how to get it. It may shock some of your nearest and dearest, but ultimately you need to be happy.

Virgo This week could bring some highs and lows in your emotions, as your relationship zone is blitzed by planetary confusion and mayhem. A new love may sweep you off your feet in a dizzy cloud of romance – just make sure they are telling the whole truth about themselves and their circumstances before committing.

Libra This is a good week for making new budgets and savings plans, but less wonderful for taking on credit cards and debts. You may be feeling a conflict between your work and home life, with many different demands being placed on you. Focus on home and try to relax.

Scorpio The best advice for this week is to just stay true to yourself and keep your mind on your own plans and needs. It seems that there is a lot of change around you that is tied up in other people and this really doesn’t suit your mood at all. Focus on the things which you can change and go with the flow on the rest.

Sagittarius This is a great week for ending one phase and starting another. This may be in your personal or professional life, but it is an indication that a part of your life is over and a better one about to start. Don’t be frightened of change, it can be a good thing, especially if it lets you be more your true self.

Capricorn This is a fantastic week for putting your ideas into action and making progress with your goals. You should have more energy than usual due to the influence of dynamic Mars in your sign, so get stuck into all those jobs you have been putting off for ages and feel a sense of achievement.

Aquarius A new element will enter your life this week which will break the stalemate on a situation which you have felt little control over. This may be as simple as a new approach to an old problem or looking at a personal problem from the other person’s point of view. Financially things are positive.

Pisces This is not the best time to say what is on your mind or reveal what you are planning to do. Work away quietly and steadily towards your goals and you may be surprised to find that you win out easily when the time is right. Relationships will feel happy and contented.


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