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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 24 June 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au

Aries Even if things don’t work out exactly as planned this week, you will still be able to achieve a great deal. Don’t sweat the small stuff and try to have a long-term view of things – you are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, just don’t beat yourself up over it. Your love life will be passionate.

Taurus This is a great week for financial investments or making a major purchase - possibly a house or car. Money stars are smiling on you, but don’t waste your good luck on silly things you can live without. In your love life, you need to communicate more about what you really want or can’t live without.

Gemini There is a strong need for you to communicate clearly and honestly with others this week. First you need to know what it is you really want and that could be a problem. Your relationships with co-workers will be much easier however, with all career and work matters looking very positive.

Cancer You will be happy to start making some real progress at work - even if nothing has changed yet, you will be able to tell you are on the right track and getting it right at last. It seems you may have to develop some balance in your eating and exercise as minor health troubles are possible.

Leo You may be feeling a bit frustrated at the lack of progress in your career or perhaps your boss is being stubborn and refusing to make necessary changes. It could be time to start looking for a new job which is better suited. Be very tactful when dealing with authorities.

Virgo This is a great week for focusing on your health and getting rid of bad habits. Cleansing your body through a healthy diet will make you feel full of energy and ready to take on the world. Removing yourself from a toxic relationship with a friend or lover will give you peace of mind and relief.

Libra It is time for a very open and honest discussion with one of your friends. Although you may not be expecting what you hear, talking things over will help to sort out hurt feelings and misunderstandings. You could play the mediator at work as two strong personalities clash badly.

Scorpio You should be feeling quite proud and pleased with yourself as one of your long-held wishes comes true. Financially, you really need to get your spending, bills and credit cards organised before they spin out of control. Get some expert debt advice if you feel overwhelmed.

Sagittarius This is a very good week for love and long-term relationships. It seems that many of the minor problems have been smoothed away as you both begin to settle down. Single Sagittarians may meet a new romantic interest through a friend - just don’t rush into any big commitments yet.

Capricorn It is time to be kind to your body and mind and lower your expectations of yourself. While it is good to set high standards, it is not worth burning out and getting stressed over. Set more realistic goals, especially where work is concerned, and start enjoying life and your friends a lot more.

Aquarius Try to make some quality quiet time for yourself this week, as it seems that the demands and needs of others will keep you rushed off your feet. This is an excellent time for really communicating with your loved one, especially if you are hoping to take things to the next level.

Pisces It is time to play it cool rather than wearing your heart on your sleeve like a typical romantic Pisces. Let a potential love affair develop at its own pace – taking things slow will let you both know that it’s the real thing. Keep your mind on your job and share your ideas for a happy working week.


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