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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 25 May 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to my website www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

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Aries Try not to let little irritations get under your skin this week, even though you are feeling a bit more sensitive than usual. Problems with transport may cause delays and eat into your spending money – perhaps your car will need repairing or a speeding fine will be an unpleasant surprise.

Taurus The focus for this week is on unexpected events and unsettling times. The best advice is to stay flexible and roll with the punches and not try to hang on too tight. In spite of everything you will learn a valuable lesson and get support from a friend who really understands your feelings.

Gemini The greatest blessing for you this week is your intuition, as it will give you the right feelings about which option to take. Follow your hunches as they will be bang on. Single Aries may be pleasantly surprised when someone you have been hoping will call or drop by actually does.

Cancer Mercury the communication and thinking planet is moving into your sign this week, giving you the ability to plan, think and talk to others in easy and constructive ways. It may be a good time for you to let your loved ones know about something you have been thinking about for a while.

Leo A promising someone may turn out to be a bit of a disappointment once you get to know them better this week. For those Leos who are coupled up there seem to be delays around relationship issues, but these will be cleared in a week or two so just hang in there and be patient.

Virgo You will want to have some clarity in your relationships this week, although partnerships are under a bit of a fog at the moment so just trusting may be the only path open. Some Virgos may suddenly see an old friend in a new light after talking and finding unexpected common ground.

Libra There may be some news about your place of work – or perhaps you hear about a new job that would be good for you. Whatever happens there will be words and ideas flying around your everyday working life. This is a really good time for performance reviews and job applications.

Scorpio Children will be a source of joy and stress this week. Make sure you get to the bottom of any stories that sound ‘off’ when talking with your children – it may be that there is a secret that you should know about. Money is looking good, there may even be some unexpected windfalls and small wins.

Sagittarius Open the lines of communication between you and your loved ones as you have excellent stars for finding compromises and speaking clearly at the moment. Try not to be too stubborn when dealing with young children, sometimes you have to meet in the middle on a few things.

Capricorn Once you make a decision, stick to it and see it through. Don’t let others talk you round or let laziness make you give up. The energies that are surrounding you at the moment are excellent for making constructive and far reaching change – so keep on with the transformations!

Aquarius A family member may be a source of irritation or just be a burden to you this week. Although there is a lot of love there, the need for a bit of peace and freedom to be yourself is strong right now. Try to find some quiet time for yourself where you can recharge your batteries.

Pisces This is a week of juggling many different demands and obligations. Putting some things off and saying no to things that aren’t essential will help you to stay on top. As will taking time out to meditate or do some relaxation therapy – this can be as simple as going for a walk in nature.


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