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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 27 January 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay. While you are there you can sign up free to my mailing list and receive a horoscope each week direct to your inbox and a Welcome Bundle of goodies.

Aries Dreamy, mysterious Neptune is causing havoc in your subconscious this week, making you very sensitive to people and your environment and also causing vivid dreams. You should also be more intuitive than usual, so if you get a gut feeling about someone, follow your hunches as they are likely to be right.

Taurus You will want to have some clarity in your relationships this week, although partnerships are under a bit of a fog at the moment so just trusting may be the only path open. Singles may see an old friend in a new light. For some this will spark a romantic interest that takes you completely by surprise.

Gemini This is a week when dreams may come true making you very happy. Tune into your psychic dreams and hunches through meditation or perhaps get a psychic reading. It seems that the answer to your problem is going to be found by going outside the conventional senses and your usual logical approach.

Cancer Be careful about what you say and who you say to this weekend. Sharing secrets or even just sharing private information may not be a good idea – particularly if the internet is involved. Try not to worry about things you can’t change, especially if you don’t know all the facts yet.

Leo Romantic Venus is in your zone of intimacy and passion this week, making committed relationships feel new all over again. Some Leos may be tempted to have an affair with someone they have recently met and may lose many hours in steamy daydreams. Think carefully before you act.

Virgo The focus is on relationships this week. A romantic new partner may enter your life on Monday if you are single and looking for love. Communication will be much better on early in the week but don’t undo it all by being indecisive and confused about issues over the weekend.

Libra Using your intuition and hunches to guide you in your future direction may be very useful right now. A dream may have the answer to a problem, so listen to it. Focus on what you have in common and reach out to a family member who may be being a bit quiet and withdrawn.

Scorpio You may feel like having some quiet down time this week. Collecting your thoughts and just resting your mind will work wonders for you at both a physical and psychological level. Trying meditation and relaxation is likely to have good results, especially if you are looking for a clear direction.

Sagittarius Don’t get lost in all the small details of life this week. Trying to look at the big picture and going with the flow will help you to ride through the minor stresses and irritations of life. Spending some time by the water will be very soothing to your spirit and give you the energy boost you need.

Capricorn Expect a lot of calls, messages and activity from work and family this week. Make sure that you get some down time to recharge your batteries especially on Tuesday when your energy levels may be a bit flatter than usual. Loving and romantic messages are indicated.

Aquarius Parts of this week may be spent thinking over a past decision and wondering if it was the right thing to do. The advice is to not waste time daydreaming about what might have been. Get a good friend to remind you about the reasons you chose the way you did and be glad.

Pisces This will either be a very romantic or confusing week for Pisces people as loving Venus joins dreamy and mysterious Neptune in your sign. Don’t commit to anyone you have just met, as you have a case of rose-coloured glasses right now and things may not be quite as they seem.


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