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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 28 October 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay.

Aries Investments and savings plans are looking good astrologically, making this an excellent week for making serious decisions about your financial future. You need stability more than anything at the moment. Don’t be stubborn and inflexible as compromise will deliver what you need.

Taurus Your relationships come under the influence of the New Moon this Monday. This can bring a fresh start to an existing relationship or can see a new one beginning around this time. It is especially good for taking things to the next level, either in your work or love life.

Gemini The new Moon on Monday brings new energy and the chance to make a fresh start, especially if you are thinking of working on your body. If you want to feel good, now is a great time to start a new diet and exercise program. A long chat with an old trusted friend will bring insight.

Cancer Now is a good time for you to get away with your partner and leave the daily routine, housework and chores behind. It may be for an evening, a day or if you are lucky enough a proper holiday. Whatever your circumstances, invest in the people you love this week.

Leo This is a week of endings and new beginnings. Some careful thought and planning now will make the future run much more smoothly than if you just rush in impatiently. Be careful that you don’t hurt a loved one’s feelings by being too harsh, as a short burst of anger may take a while to heal.

Virgo The New Moon on Monday brings a chance for a fresh start and renewal. There may be an opportunity to go back and complete some unfinished business with someone who was once very important to you. Take notice of your dreams – they may have a message for you.

Libra This is a great week for ending one thing and opening the door to another. This may be in your personal or professional life, but it is an indication that one phase of your life is over and a better one about to start. Don’t be frightened of change, sometimes it allows you be your true self.

Scorpio The New Moon in your sign on Monday will bring some things to an end but will open up a lot of new possibilities and fresh starts. The focus for this week is on you the individual – separate from your roles as spouse, parent, worker etc. Time to think about how to fulfill your dreams.

Sagittarius This week is all about bringing your private plans and dreams out into the world and starting to act on them. Life will start to speed up after Monday’s New Moon, bringing a boost of energy and confidence. Have any big discussions before Thursday as Retrograde Mercury strikes then.

Capricorn Pluto in your sign makes this a good time for you to clear out the old and make room for some exciting new energy and action in your life. A good time to de-clutter your home as well. Turn your old clothes and outworn junk into much needed cash by selling them online or through a garage sale.

Aquarius The stars are excellent for starting a new career or place of work this week, especially for Aquarians who are fed up with their current job. This may be the change you need to shake up other areas of your life as well. Your energy levels should be running high this week.

Pisces You will have a strong need for space and freedom this week, especially if your relationship has been feeling dull and predictable lately. You could be very tempted to be unfaithful or at least flirt up a storm with someone. Enjoy the flattery but don’t let it go any further.


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