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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 30 March 2020

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private email psychic or astrology reading with me please go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay. While you are there you can sign up free to my mailing list and receive a horoscope each week direct to your inbox and a Welcome Bundle of goodies.

Aries Try to avoid careless angry words and being irritable with your partner – especially if you are stressed about something else and forget to mind your manners. If you can stay focused on what is actually the problem and work to fix that everything will sort itself out beautifully.

Taurus This is a good time for making new budgets and savings plans, but less wonderful for taking out credit cards and debts. You may be feeling a conflict between different aspects of your life, with many different demands being placed on you. Try to make time to relax.

Gemini This is a good week for love and commitment. You have Venus planet of love moving into your sign on Friday and the mood is one of commitment and decisions – leading many to take a big step in love. Just don’t let a false dream about an unrealistic past love hold you back.

Cancer Sometimes it pays to fight the good fight, but this week it is much better to avoid confrontation and focus on your peace of mind instead. Curling up at home over the weekend away from other people and their dramas – being a hermit will help you to rest and regain your strength.

Leo What seems to be just a difference of opinion on the surface is actually due to you and another having completely opposite values and priorities. Try to find a compromise where both of you can work things out, but don’t give way completely as you are on the right track with your ideas.

Virgo Communication will be important throughout this week as there are important thoughts and ideas that you need to run past other people for perspective. It may be that some new information comes in that changes how you feel about something you thought was settled.

Libra This is a big week for home and family matters – especially with extended family. Some of you may bring an old cycle to an end – which may be as simple as changing the house around, moving home or even renovating. A great time for getting rid of your old junk and clearing out the trash.

Scorpio You may spend some of this week thinking over a past decision and wondering if it was the right thing to do – especially romantic choices. The advice is to not waste time daydreaming about what might have been. Get a good friend to remind you about the reasons you chose what you did.

Sagittarius This is a great week for making new beginnings in your health, diet and fitness. Things you start now have a good chance of sticking, especially if you make a lot of small easy changes rather than trying to change everything at once. An excellent time for adopting a new pet.

Capricorn This will be a very hectic and demanding week, but if you stay focused on your goals and don’t let other peoples’ dramas distract you, you will achieve big wins. Intense Pluto in your sign will bring the opportunity to change some of the things that are holding you back.

Aquarius Action planet Mars moves into your sign on Monday bringing with it a burst of energy. You may feel frustrated and stuck for a while on Tuesday as your ideas seem to hit a brick wall, but by the weekend you should have found a way through any blockages and feel free.

Pisces It is time to forget the past and move forwards so you can take advantage of the stars affecting your sign this week. You will be thinking much clearer after Sunday when some uncertainty or confusion is resolved. Either way you will know where you stand and be able to make necessary decisions.


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