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Your Stars for the Week Beginning 30 September 2019

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. For a private email psychic or astrology reading with me go to www.stargold.com.au for more information or to book and pay

Aries The arrival of Mars, planet of energy and anger into your relationship zone on Friday may make things interesting for those Aries in long term relationships. Channelling the excess energy into a shared project like gardening or DIY is a good solution, as is exercising together.

Taurus Things could get a bit passionate for you this week and long-term relationships may go through some transformations – but they will be positive and likely to re-ignite the spark between you. Financially, a long-term career plan or investment will start to pay off over the coming weeks.

Gemini It seems that you will be able to talk nearly anyone into nearly anything, as you will be at your most charming and persuasive self. Romance and visiting friends are highlighted for singles. Children may bring you a lot of happiness through an unexpected but thoughtful act.

Cancer You may be feeling very relieved about a financial matter on Thursday. It seems that whatever has been held up will now move ahead and be sorted out. Don’t lose your temper when frustrated as other people will be more likely to help you if they feel like you are their friend.

Leo An offer may be presented to you this week, although the timing could be off – making it more difficult than usual to accept. The advice is to keep going in a steady, step-by-step manner and you will get what you want a lot easier than if you throw yourself into it and burn out.

Virgo Thursday is showing to be the best day to speak your mind and get your ideas across to others, especially loved ones. Try to keep your mind on the big picture and not get caught up in minor details. Many things that are causing you worry right now will sort themselves out in time.

Libra Mars, planet of energy, enthusiasm and power is moving into your sign this week. Make the most of the boost to your energy levels by finishing off all the little jobs that have been building up. Communication may take an unexpected turn as new information comes out.

Scorpio Mercury, the mind and communication planet, moves into your sign on Thursday, so wait until then before making any big decisions or having serious talks about the future. Something which has caused you stress lately will be sorted out easily after all.

Sagittarius The focus for this week is on self-improvement and making your future life better. This is also a good time for focusing on your relationship with yourself, learn to accept and love who you are without judgement or guilt. A financial issue may start to move ahead and make progress.

Capricorn You may feel overwhelmed at work as research, organising and keeping everyone happy takes up your time. Keep at it though, as it seems that you will get a reward in future as a payoff. Single Capricorns will feel happy being alone and free - much better than being in a bad relationship.

Aquarius You will get the help of friends and others if you ask them, so don’t be too proud to let people know what you need. It may seem tempting to battle on alone and keep your troubles to yourself, but that is not the best way forward at this time. Some unexpected money is possible.

Pisces Ideas about a new business or project may begin to form this week for some Pisces people. You may have several options to consider – each of them has merit but you should follow your heart when deciding as this will guide you to the right answer. Expect good news to arrive.


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